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Sri Lanka Should be in Your Travel Bucket for 2018, WHY?

5 Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka in 2018

Recently we said goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with great hopes to new adventure while planning on our tours to interesting holiday destinations around the world!

Sri Lanka is a tiny island situated in the Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka is only 65610 km²in extent. The island best described as an island of paradise. Sri Lanka is the navigational hub of the Orient in the ancient world. It is a resplendent island encompassing within its small area a large number of tourist attractions. With such large number of popular places to visit in Sri Lanka, it sure lives up to its reputation of being an “island of tourist paradise”. This Resplendent island is a tourist paradise with an abundance of tourist attractions like the sun-drenched beaches, glorious ancient cities, salubrious hill country, beautiful fauna & flora, engraving temples of Buddha, exquisite handicrafts, world-renowned gems, traditional dance & drama, colorful festivals, warm and friendly people and not forgetting the heavenly Sri Lankan cuisine.

Home to twenty seven national parks in various sizes, occupying more than 5734 Sq Km and harbours seven UNESCO world heritage sites including one of the oldest rainforests in the world known as Sinharaja, and posses dozens of cultural and historical sites, more than 1600 km of pristine coastline around the country, this beautiful tropical island already boast itself being one of the best countries to travel. Sri Lanka is one of the most beloved and enchant.

Galle fort Sri Lanka
Galle fort is a world heritage site located deep south Sri Lanka.

In this blog, we talk about 5 reasons why Sri Lanka should be in your travel bucket for 2018


Although the international travellers are deprived of land accessibility to the island of Sri Lanka, travellers can access the island from any part of the world using sea and air transport. Sri Lanka is well connected with all countries around the globe and provides several hundred flights every day to all corners of the world. Other than being a country with well-connected air transport from outside world, Sri Lanka boasts to be a popular destination with several ports that are visited by regular international cruise ships. Sri Lanka has earned a reputation being a hub in the international sea route between east and west. In the olden times, there had been a port in southern Sri Lanka, and which was called Godawaya. It is well-known fact that Godawaya port was a popular port of call for a large number of sailing ships, that were travelling between east and west. Due to the proximity to the international sea line between east and west, Sri Lanka is still attracting a large number of ships every year and there are several passenger ships among them carrying a large number of tourists to the country.

5 Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka in 2018:accessibility

The internal infrastructure is also well developed within the country and provides well-developed road, air and rail transport. The addition of highways in the recent past can be identified as the most effective development towards the effective transport system in the country. Now you can curtail the transport time between the airport and deep south of Sri Lanka almost by 3 hours by using the highway. Another drawcard is the curtailed travelling time between tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. It does not take many hours to travel between attractions in the island like in most other holiday destinations, mainly due to its proximity to one place to other. Cultural sites, historical cities, rainforest, national parks, rivers, waterfall all are packed into this small island and distance between the attractions does not demand travellers to spend days of travelling between them.

Endless Choices

If you travel on a tight budget or like to have a luxurious tour, Sri Lanka has just the thing for you. Since tourism has become an important factor for Sri Lanka’s economy and draw a large number of hard currencies to the country, there are a large number of tour operators, accommodation providers and experiences to choose from.

Hikkaduwa coral reef sanctuary
Coral reefs of Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka is one of the best places to see fascinating underwater world. Hikkaduwa coral is declared as a sanctuary and resided by large number of exotic fish species and sea turtles

Due to well-developed tourism infrastructure, you can make sure that you have a hassle free enjoyable holiday on the island. But special attention should be drawn if you plan to have your Sri Lanka tour from November to April especially during the months of December and January. Pre-planning is very important during this time of the year to make sure that you have a hassle-free holiday. Most numbers of foreign tourists arrive on the island from November to April and therefore last moment hotel booking, booking transportation and procuring other services might be difficult during this period. It is advisable to make all your tour arrangements through tour operators such as seerendipity tour, they make sure that all your requirements for a peaceful holiday are fulfilled while they will arrange the tour at an affordable rate. November to April is the peak tourist season in Sri Lanka, parallel to the winter season in Europe. Usually, hotel rates and cost for other services are considerably increased during this period every year.

Variety of Activities

Sri Lanka is very rich in natural resources such as tropical forests and beaches, waterfalls, unspoilt wildlife, and several natural forest reserves, National Parks and sanctuaries. Biodiversity of the country is one of the highest in South Asia, and Sri Lanka is the home for many endemic species of fauna and flora in the region. Two of the natural sites, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (2010) and Singaraja Forest Reserve (1988), have been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is known in Sri Lanka as a living heritage. The forest has very rich biodiversity with most vegetation endemic to the country. Along with the Sinharaja forest reserve Sri Lanka boast to have 6 other world heritage sites (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, Galle,) declared by the UNICEF.

From some of the oldest archaeological sites such as Anuradhapura to unbelievable scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities to see wildlife in Yala national park, this tropical island offers the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and experiences for every traveller to enjoy. Pristine beaches with crystal clear waters of Indian ocean provides you best spots to enjoy sun, sea and sand. This tropical island harbours many best-ranked beaches in the world such as Unwatuna, Pasikudah and creates the heaven for beach holiday lovers.

:How to Explore the Sinharaja Rainforest, SriLankaSri Lanka posses varying geographical features such as mountains, south-central part of the island features some mountains and steep-sided river canyons. The highest mountainous is called Pidurutalaga, and the pinnacle of the mountain is located above 2400 meters above sea level. This region attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts and provides opportunities for trekking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, caving, mountain biking and many other adventure activities.

Political Stability

After the 30 years, civil war Sri Lanka has become the best country to live in South Asia and it is one of the safest places for holidaymakers around the world. While in most Asian countries civil unrest, political unrest, terrorist activities pose a threat to travellers Sri Lanka offers one of the most peaceful environments for holidaymakers. Therefore Sri Lanka is experiencing a tourist boom at present. Sri Lanka is being known to the world since pre-Christian era, historical sources reveal about the foreigners who had to be here for various reasons such as trade, religion, invasion and fact-finding mission in the past. Some of the noteworthy people who had been here are Ptolemy, Fa-hien (Chinese monk), Marko polo, Lorenzo de Almeida.

Sri Lanka one of the most peaceful countries in the regions with no political unrest. This beautiful country is granted an accolade from the united states being one of the most peaceful countries in the world and the federal government has issued least travel advisory for the country in 2018. Even though there had been some disturbances in the political front until 2009, now the island has the political stability. Sri Lanka is a popular nation in the world for its hospitality and Sri Lankan folks are popular being very friendly- therefore you will not feel being a foreigner in this beautiful country.

ayurveda-Rejuvenate body and mind
Ayurveda is healing system is practised in the island of sri Lanka and offers spa treatments and massages.

Rejuvenate body and mind

Sri Lanka is also popular for Ayurveda treatments and spa. Purely organic ingredients are used in Ayurveda treatments and various kind of herbal oil are made using leaves, fruits, bark, flowers and roots of plants and trees. There are many Ayurveda treatment centres and spas in the main cities. Many hotels have started their own Ayurveda spas for the in-house guests. If you have the time it is worth visit an Ayurveda spice garden, where you can get an idea about Ayurveda while taking a glimpse on various trees and plants that are been used to produce Ayurveda medicine.

Best value for money

With the escalating prices in other countries prices are down by a third in Sri Lanka, therefore Sri Lanka has become one of the best long-haul destinations among for the budget-conscious travellers seeking holiday in a beautiful tropical island. Sri Lanka is 38 percent cheaper than Thailand, the nearest rival on the list of affordable long-haul holiday spots.  When it comes to prices of 10 items, including a bottle of water, a beer, sun cream, insect repellant postcards and a three-course meal for two with wine, Sri Lanka came out as the best-value destination for the second year in a row Thailand followed and Vietnam close behind.

Sri Lanka has become one of the best long-haul destinations among for the budget-conscious travellers seeking holiday in a beautiful tropical island. Sri Lanka is 38 percent cheaper than Thailand, nearest rival on the list of affordable long-haul holiday spots

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5 Reasons to Travel to Sri Lanka in 2018
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