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Holiday in Bentota Sri Lanka: Something for All the Family

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The most popular beach resort in Sri Lanka, where most tourists gather during the winter season is the west coast of Sri Lanka. The length of this popular beach area is about 100 km, stretches from the town of Negombo in the western province of Galle in the south. Bentota for which it is considered to be the most popular beach resort attracts the most number of holidaymakers every year. The popularity of Bentota beach grew due to its unspoiled beautiful white sandy coastal belt interspersed with rocky coves and pebbled beaches, as well as Sri Lanka, being very affordable holiday destination in the 1980’s when Sri Lanka embraced the generalised economic policies. It can seem, on the face of it, that all has changed, but this only applies to the busy touristy areas of Bentota, Negombo, Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa and Kalutara in the west due to the upbeat of tourist arrivals.

If you enjoy the bustling coastal hot spots with activities, then you could do no better than staying in the very popular Bentota. A Beach resort that keeps growing with amazing shaped high-rise hotels and luxurious boutique hotels, with much on offer to entertain the whole family, from water sports centres to nightclubs.

If, you are looking for a kind of holiday that gives you peace of mind away from the hurly-burly, then staying in a small beach resort like Ambalangoda and Kalutara or just inland can be appealing and is very much a different experience than stay in Bentota. Still you will be able to take in a visit to see some attractions in and around the big tourist areas, so if some members of the family wish to go to experience the thrill of saying the water sport in the Bentota water sport centre, then it is only a 10 minute drive away from Ambalangoda and 20 minutes away from Kalutara.

If you travel to inland from the resort area you will be lavishly rewarded with the picturesque patches of forests, paddy fields, mountains, where you encounter numerous species of birds and other animals. You see a vivid prolific vegetation is in contrast to the vegetation seen around then beaches. The production of coconut, banana, tea, mango, lemon and rice is much in evidence and very inexpensive to buy. It is very easy to find tropical fruits such as papaya, guava, pineapple, mangosteen here. The mangosteen is probably the sweetest fruit that you encounter here, and decidedly so in April through to August When they are harvested.

Why rent a villa in Bentota? A villa holiday enables you to have the flexibility to simply relax by your own swimming pool. It also reduces the burden on your pocket due to the more affordable rates compared to hotels rates. But still, you will be able to discover what is on offer and appealing close by.

Coolest holiday destination to explore in 2018 – the World-renowned national geographic world has chosen Sri Lanka as the Coolest holiday destination to explore in 2018. The organization has considered various factors such as political stability, financial stability, security before giving the island this remark.

The United States has also recognised the island Sri Lanka as one of the safest holiday destinations in the world to travel alone with several Norwegian countries.

Sri Lanka has one of the most environmentally perfect tropical climates in the world, this microclimate is also appealing mostly in winter and peak holiday season in the island occurs parallel to the winter in European countries.

Warm Sea Temperature – the sea off Sri Lanka much warmer and it is measured at 27c at any time of the year. Swimming in the sea between November to April off the west coast is quite usual and safe.

Great coastline – the palm-fringed coastline between Negombo and Galle is one of the most dramatic and picturesque in Sri Lanka. Easy Communications – The area is easily accessible from the main airports in Katrunayake and Mattala – either of which is around an hour’s drive to Galle, Kalutara and Bentota, while it is just 10 minutes drive to Negombo from Katunayake.

Places to visit from Bentota 1) Bawas garden Located on the Elpitiya – Bentota main road is the home of world-renowned Jeffrey Bawa. Occupying one of the most stunning positions along the Bentota river, this landscaped beautiful house and landscaped garden showcase very advanced architectural concepts practised by Geoffrey Bawa.

2) Galle Fort

Galle fort

If you are kind of person, who enjoy learning the history of countries that you encounter, Galle in southern Sri Lanka is a place for you to travel, there are many museums in an around Galle, so you can learn more about Sri Lanka’s history. Costing only a few dollars the visit the museum is definitely worthwhile. And you encounter little crafts shops and a good spot to buy a souvenir of your visit. Furthermore, Galle is the best preserved colonial city in the region and features many interesting Dutch characteristics in the areas of architecture, engineering and landscaping. Especially during sightseeing tour, you visit the dungeon and offers fantastic views of the Indian Ocean from the bastions.

A stroll through the forts’ cobbled streets will reveal an interesting historical centre, a silent witness to its glorious past. Between the 15th and 18th centuries it was a walled city of Galle, falling to the Portuguese in 1505; however, a mere several meters towards inland the present city is its original site.

The population of only 500 people now dedicates itself almost entirely to tourism, hence some of the area’s best museums, restaurants, shops, hotels being located here. If you want to be transported to another world when land was fiercely defended, don’t miss a trip to this fortified city. Due to the cultural and historical value, Galle fort has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

3) Galle city Galle is one of the biggest cities in southern Sri Lanka in terms of population size and resources. It was continuously inhabited for many centuries. The city was experienced its cultural and economical golden age during the reign of Sinhalese kings. Especially due to the Galle harbour, which is located near the city. It is well-known fact that Galle city as a very flourishing city during this period and functioned as a business emporium in the region.

The local administration of Galle was ceased in 1505 by Portuguese and it was later under the administration of Portuguese, Dutch and English for more than 450 years. This glorious past contrasts harmoniously with all of the elements characteristic of a young, dynamic city with a unique townscape due to its location proximity to the sea route between east and west.

4) Kande Vihara Kande vihara is situated 10 minutes by car from Bentota resort. This is a beautiful Buddhist temple with colossal seated Buddha statue. The history temple goes back to many centuries and today one of the most popular Buddhist temples in the region.

5) Boat tour alone the Bentota river The journey there is an experience in itself; Vast mangrove forests and other trees and plants that grow on the river bank can be seen on both sides with many species of animals such as monitors, monkeys. But the special attraction of boat tour is the beauty of the mangrove tunnel, which is a tunnel about 100 meters in length and formed by thick mangrove forest. If you take the full tour it will last around 2 hours and you will land on a small island where cinnamon grows and you will be able to see the tedious task of peeling cinnamon.

6) Visit the city of Aluthgama. The regional capital city of Aluthgama is about 10 minutes walk away from the Bentota beach resort. Stroll through the relatively modern city centre, visiting the fish market, the Central Market, the Buddhist temple. Wander up the main road where you will find shops with popular fashion brands, which are cheaper than in Europe. Continue on to the central market off the main road, whereby you’ll see various kind of vegetables, fruits in the girder-covered market with a large number of stalls.


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