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Secret Ingredients of Splendid Sri Lanka Tour

post office nuwara eliya

Secret Ingredients of Splendid Sri Lanka Tour

Starting from the arid zone of southern Sri Lanka and passing the hilly area with cool clime, this tropical island stretches 424 all the way to Jaffna, which is the northernmost city on the island. This diverse tropical island is full of interesting places awaits you to explore. Some are cultural, some are colonial, some are historical, some are natural. some are stunning attractions while some others are the slightly more raffish charm.

With a fascinating combination of rainforests, white sandy beaches lapped with azure waters, mountains with green canopies, and cultural sites that are designated as world heritage site by UNESCO, it is very hard to resist a Sri Lanka tour to any travellers.

With so much to select from, It can be a daunting task to decide what to choose from and where to go during your Sri Lanka tour. In this blog post, we have whittled it to 5 places and describe what to expect in these places.

Huge seaside beach resorts, the essence of bordering Sri Lanka is to simply enable you to have fun during your Sri Lanka tour. Especially the beach resorts on the west coast such as Hikkaduwa are popular for creating fun time throwing great parties. Once in a while, here the beaches are taken over by beach parties. All form of dancers from the different parts of the world arise in full vibration, dancing to the heart of hammering music.

However, if you stay don’t coincide with this flashy party time, you can still count for a great time with full of festivity. Beautiful hill country should also be part of your Sri Lanka tour, laid-back countryside, tropical rainforest, fascinating wildlife. It is difficult to find someone who is not impressed after taking a Sri Lanka tour.

Galle fort Sri Lanka
Galle fort is a world heritage site located deep south Sri Lanka.


Facing the Indian Ocean, Galle offers more than just its beautiful location to boast about and one of the must be included sites in a Sri Lanka tour package. With a port built in the latter part of 15th century, Galle’s history is just as elegant as the majestically built Dutch fortress.

You have the perfect settings at Galle enabling you to explore it on foot. The Dutch built walled town majestically stands today with large number of mansions, churches, temples, schools, museums and monasteries. Scorching heat and humidity can demand its toll as you look into the beautiful corners of the fort, a good excuse to have a brief interval at one of the coffee shops, restaurants or bar.

Galle, with the best preserved Dutch fort in Asia, is known for many things inherited from Dutch and Portuguese colonial rulers. Galle is famed for being tempting, stylish and sophisticated. With museums, galleries, and primarily Dutch influenced architecture the city is overflowed with culture. Galle has a lot going for it and a great deal of it to keep you delighted.

So much to see in Galle you have to spare one whole day of your Sri Lanka tour to explore this fascinating city. Galle fortress is the best place to start the day with your exploration of Galle city, strolling along the cobbled narrow streets from one locality to other, they all have distinct personalities. The lively fortress with high-rise granite wall is popular for its houses and mansions built after the Dutch architectural style. The fortress was reserved as the residential quarter of Dutch civil servants during its heyday, today this old town is the most ancient part of the city. The Old Town houses a large number of colonial buildings, shops, religious institutions, Dutch marine museums relate you the stories of the city’s intriguing past. The elegant wolvendaal church has a lavish underground cemetery where high calibre dutch civil servants were buried. Nightlife in Galle is also not that much alive like in most other cities in Sri Lanka.

The fortified walls functioned as a shield and protected the city from invaders in the early days, today it is merely a windshield. The rampart, the most extensive in Sri Lanka, is a good terrace for walking around the old city. Neighbourhoods of the Galle fort constantly developing and reinventing themselves. Many Hotels, Museums, souvenir shops, Jewellery shops, restaurants, motels galleries are showing up in the historical Dutch styles mansions and have been transformed into the hub of the tourism industry. Dutch Fort is the most favourite spot among the travellers who hit the Galle city primarily due to its old world charm.

Outside the walled city or fortress, there is much much more to discover and you can’t afford to omit during your Sri Lanka tour. The downtown galle is a dynamic place to get an insight into the life of the local community. In order to get a bird-eye view of the modern city, take a look into the city from the eastern corner of the rampart.

post office nuwara eliya
This beautiful colonial building was built during the British rule of Sri Lanka. Today it is functioning as the main post office in the area.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a city in the mountains and way way up from the low-country cities such as Galle, Failing to include Nuwara Eliya in your Sri Lank tour could be a big mistake. It rests at an altitude of 2400 meter above sea-level. It is a laid-back small city in the hills overlooking mount pidurutalagala. It is the most popular holiday destination in the hills and draws a large number of tourists every year. Nuwara Eliya is the capital of hill country of Sri Lanka and it comes with a listing of scenery and sights to mark-off or that one headline seizing attraction. With a large number of mountains that have best settings for a trek entice you for an enjoyable trek. It is another reason for most people to be based here and to be charmed.

Nuwara Eliya is included in most Sri Lanka tour packages. Wander around the large lake known as Gregory lake and take a boat for a leisurely ride while enjoying the cool breeze, creates a heavenly atmosphere for anyone. Take a walk on the main road to see the magnificent palaces built after the Theodor style in the bygone era. They are the reminiscence of splendid period kept the Britishers delighted. Beautifully landscaped garden with nicely cultivated flower plots are customary for people in the city. All of them put their maximum exertion to make the garden the most exquisite in the city and thereby win the best price offered to the best garden, chosen every year. Wander through the shopping area and oriental market, inspect the vegetable, fruits fish and meat that are as fresh as anyone can imagine. Balay bazaar is the corner of the city specifically reserved for jackets and type of cloths required in the cool climate.

Temple of the tooth relic
Polonnaruwa, the medieval capital city of Sri Lanka is one of the most important historical sites with large number of well-preserved monuments


Kandy has been chosen by some people as Sri Lanka’s most beautiful city. An energetic metropolis, this fascinating city starting to offer neighbouring cities a run for their money. The cultural scene has been evolved into something very unique here. Acclaimed as base complex of the culture of Sri Lanka, there is number of historically and culturally important sites that you cant afford to miss in your Sri Lanka tour.

Don’t forget to spare one evening of your Sri Lanka tour to see the electrifying performance of Kandyan dancers. Kandyan cultural show is for everyone. It could be dizzy, spirited, wild but also makes enlivening and enthralling feelings with the vibrant performances of young people.

kandyan cultural show
kandyan cultural show

Hikkaduwa Beach

Well known as the next Great Sea Food beach resort, a large number of tourists flock to Hikkaduwa to taste the heavenly delicious seafood while enjoying a leisurely beach holiday. Most of the passersby are stopping here to taste delicious Sri Lankan cuisines, especially seafood. Most importantly the foodstuff here is comparatively cheaper than other beach resort areas. Most restaurants are offering the Sri Lankan specialities that are cooked with seafood and local ingredients. If you are a foodie don’t forget head-on to Hikkaduwa and drop into one of the seafood restaurants during your Sri lank tour. Hikkaduwa is the destination that offers a wide range of food specialities. A large number of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, Ayurveda shops, pubs, bars moved into the resort and provide best rates for accommodation, meals, and all other amenities at an affordable rate. Therefore Hikkaduwa has become the most preferred holiday destination for backpackers.

Hikkaduwa-Hippies heaven in Sri Lanka
Hikkaduwa is considered to be the hippies of heaven of Sri Lanka, where a large number of budget tourist gather every year.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

You will be back in time to when King Kashayapa ruled Sri Lanka in the 5th Century as you enter to Sigiriya archaeological site. The gateway to the rich historical past of Sri Lanka, this fascinating cultural site was once capital of the island. Built on palaces, galleries, ponds, swimming pools, caves and landscaped gardens, the affluent history of the city is appealing to anyone that stumbles upon during a Sri Lanka tour. It was the ruling capital of King Kashyapa and located within the so-called cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

Adding Historical Touch to the Sri Lank Tour
Sigiriya rock fortress, a palace complex built by Sri Lankan king Kashyapa in the 5th century AD.

While there is a slight competition among the places mentioned here as to which one is the most superior, as this index proves, the settings of Sigiriya is unquestionable. The historical masterpiece found in the flat land in the dry zone was built after advanced engineering techniques. The features that beautified the ancient city such as fountains are still at work after more than 1500 years. The application of advanced hydraulic principles is visible in most areas of the archaeological site. The highest spot of the complex was the spot for the king’s palace, which was built on a solid foundation and reduced only to the foundation. The palace was built on a solid rock above 500 meters above sea level, encasing the king’s palace with magnificent views. When the sun burns every day through the mist, one can have a breathtaking vies over the forest that surround the archaeological site.

Secret Ingredient of Beautiful Sri Lanka Tour
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Secret Ingredient of Beautiful Sri Lanka Tour
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