10 day itinerary in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is among the oldest cultures in the world. With centuries-old history and culture, Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to vacation. Discovering this amazing tropical island is best done with a Sri Lanka 10-day vacation package. 10 day itinerary in Sri Lanka will let you see a lot of fascinating sites. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, the immaculate beach belt, the national parks brimming with wild life, and much more are all included in the 10-day package. Experience the heart of Sri Lanka with a carefully designed 10-day guided trip from top local travel agency Seerendipity Tours.

10 day itinerary in Sri Lanka

What ten sites in Sri Lanka should you see on a 10 day itinerary in Sri Lanka? Or you could be interested in knowing what to see on a 10-day schedule in Sri Lanka. Maybe you’ll be looking for things to do in Sri Lanka when you spend ten days there. This blog article will assist you with your 10-day visit of Sri Lanka, whatever your search terms. The topics of this blog article mostly include where to go on a ten-day vacation and how to arrange your lodging, food, and transportation. Continue to read the details below to greatly assist you in organizing your vacation to Sri Lanka. Thousands of years of ancient crumbling monuments in the cultural triangle, fascinating wildlife in Yala, and palm-fringed sandy beaches on the west coast are all part of the best 10-day tour of Sri Lanka that this insightful piece of information will help you plan.

Ten days in Sri Lanka and the top ten sites to see

What ten sites should one include on a 10-day itinerary for Sri Lanka?



3. Kandy

4. Anuradapura

5, Polonnaruwa

6. Kandy

7. Nuwara Eliya

8. Yala

9. Galle


What activities is the 10 day itinerary in Sri Lanka including?

A program of ten days in Sri Lanka is full of fascinating activities. Typical tour packages contain:

  • The city tour of Colombo
  • Anuradhapura Tour
  • The Polonnaruwa Tours
  • Sirigirya Rock fortification guided walking tour
  • Dambulla Golden Temple guided temple tour
  • Mihintale guided tour
  • Optional Minneriya National Park wildlife excursion
  • Optional Sigiriya village tour
  • Wailking tour with a guide of the herb and spice garden
  • Visiting Matale’s Muttumari Amman shrine
  • The Kandy Tooth Relic Temple Tour
  • Cultural exhibition of Kandyan
  • A Kandy city tour
  • Touring a tea Factory and plantation
  • Nuwara Eliya sightseeing tour
  • Peradeniya botanical garden guided walking tour
  • Yala National Park Wildlife Safari
  • Galle Fort guided walking tour
  • Bentota beach vacation

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How is the 10-day itinerary for Sri Lanka in demand?

Since the 10-day plan for Sri Lanka offers access to many fascinating tourist destinations, many tourists pick it. A beach getaway was also included in the ten-day Sri Lanka travel package cal. One package tour that might allow you to see fascinating locations and have time for a relaxing beach vacation is the 10 day Sri Lanka tour.

Accommodation throughout the ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary

The 10-day itinerary of Sri Lanka includes lodging in a 4-star grade hotel. Being a private vacation, this 10-day Sri Lankan program offers a great deal of customization. One can change the kind of hotels to suit the needs of the attendees. One can reserve the excursion at more affordable lodging, such 3-star ordinary hotels. With an extra cost, the hotels’ accommodations can be upgraded to 5-star or more opulent villa-style hotels.

10 day Sri Lankan itinerary meal plan

Breakfast and dinner are served to the participants every day of the ten-day Sri Lanka excursion. Though the regular plan only covers breakfast and supper every day, lunch can be added. Lunch is offered at outside restaurants; breakfast and dinner are supplied in the hotels.

Distance to traverse in a ten-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary

You have to explore a lot of the island to view the ten top spots listed above because they are spread out around the island. The aforementioned locations are spread along Sri Lanka’s southern and western shores, while others are part of the country’s cultural triangle. Situated in the central province of Sri Lanka, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are both included among the top ten locations to visit in the island. All of these locations and many more may be easily explored with the 10-day Sri Lanka tour that Seerendipity arranges. There is time to unwind on the beach included in the Sri Lanka 10-day vacation described below.

The travel distance on the Sri Lanka trip package we cover in this post is between 1100 and 1300 kilometers. You average three to four hours of travel per day. The longest journeys are those made on the first and last days. The journey can take six hours on the first day and three to four hours on the last.

What significant historical sites are included in the 10-day itinerary for Sri Lanka?

The itinerary of a ten-day tour in Sri Lanka is full with historical sites. With stops at Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Sigiriya, this ten-day tour of Sri Lanka includes six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Anuradhapura city tour, which takes you scores of historic temples, palaces, gardens, and other thousands of years-old buildings, opens your ten-day journey to Sri Lanka. This is a list of significant historical sites that are part of the ten-day Sri Lanka trip.

  • historical city of Anuradhapura
  • historical city of Polonnaruwa
  • Temple of the Kandy tooth relic
  • Golden temple of Dambulla
  • The rock fortification of Sigiriya
  • Aukana Buddha statue
  • Historical temple of Mihintale
  • Galle Fort

Which UNESCO World Heritage sites can be included in Sri Lanka 10 tour itinerary ?

Many of the UNESCO world heritage sites are included in the ten-day Sri Lanka tour. This ten-day trip of Sri Lanka comprises six of the eight UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. They include,

  • Ancient Anuradhapura city
  • ancient city of Polonnaruwa
  • Rock castle of Sigiriya
  • Golden temple of Dambulla
  • Kandy’s tooth relic temple
  • Galle Fort

Sri Lanka should include beaches among its top destinations on a 10-day Holiday

Beach resorts are the most popular on the island’s west and southern coasts (Kalpitiya, Marawila, Negombo, Wadduwa, Kalutara, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, and Tangalle); other noteworthy attractions for tourists include rainforests, historical sites, water sports facilities, wildlife reserves, Ayurvedic health resorts, and adventure activities.

Counted among the nicest beaches on the island, Bentota attracts more than half of Sri Lanka’s beach vacationers. Bentota Beach has managed to make the list of the top ten Sri Lankan tourist destinations.

What are fifteen more beaches to include on the itinerary for a 10-day Excursion of Sri Lanka?

The following list of fifteen beaches on the island are the most visited ones for beach holidays. Find out when is best to visit these beaches from the guests. Beach holidays from November to April are best enjoyed on the west and south coast beaches; holidays from April to November are best enjoyed on the east coast beaches.

  • 1. coast Beach at Kalpitiya
  • 2. coast, Negombo Beach
  • 3. West Coast, Marawila beach
  • 4. West beach at Kalutara
  • 5. Beach at Bentota on the west coast
  • 6. West coast beach at Hikkaduwa
  • 7. West coast, Unawatuna beach
  • 8. West coast, Weligama beach
  • 9 . Mirissa beach, south coast
  • 10. Beach at Tangalle, south coast
  • 11. Beach in Hambantota, south coast
  • 12. Beach in Nilaveli, east coast
  • 13. Pasikudah beach, east coast
  • 14. Coast of Kalkudah beach
  • 15. Beach in Arugam Bay, east coast

Relaxing on 1300 miles of immaculate beaches is possible in Sri Lanka. Still, many of those beaches are remote and hardly visited by tourists. About 50% of all international visitors to Sri Lanka seek sanctuary on beaches on the west coast. While some visitors visit the beaches on the east coast of Sri Lanka, around 25% travel to the south shore.

This page mostly covers beaches on the western and southern coasts. These are the most often visited beaches on the island for leisurely beach vacations. The ten-day tour schedule we go over here is intended to be used in the winter, which runs from November to April. At this time of year, the beaches on the western and southern coast make for the ideal holiday surroundings.

top destinations on Sri Lanka itinerary for ten days include the upcountry.

Upcountry Sri Lanka, which includes Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, Ella, Haputale, culture and tradition, and sites for adventure sports, is a must-see for most Sri Lankan tourists and is included in most Sri Lanka tour packages. It is home to green capped mountain peaks, isolated areas of forests, and tumbling waterfalls.

Among the greatest sites to see on a 10-day tour in Sri Lanka is the cultural triangle.

Most multi-day Sri Lanka vacation packages, like the 10 days package, include visits to historical cities. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Pidurangala, and Matale make up the cultural triangle, which is central to Sri Lankan history. It also contains several UNESCO world heritage sites.

Several historic sites in the cultural triangle rank among the top ten things to do in Sri Lanka in ten days. Both domestic and international tourists flock to the cultural triangle in great numbers. Usually, to see the major cities in the cultural triangle, tourists must go on a three-day trip in Sri Lanka. Within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka are the majority of its UNESCO world heritage sites. As such, most 10-day itineraries in Sri Lanka include the cultural triangle.

Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temple, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, and Anuradhapura are just a few of the significant historical sites hidden away within the cultural triangle that are included under things to see in Sri Lanka in 10 days. Usually, a trip to the cultural triangle opens a 10-day package to Sri Lanka. Visitors spend their first few days in the cultural triangle; the length of their stay varies depending on the trip package.

The top thirteen religious sites in Sri Lanka are listed in this 10-day itinerary.

1..Sri Mahabodhi Anuradhapura

2. Ruwanweliseya dagoba – Anuradhapura

3..Jetawanarama dagoba in Anuradhapura

4.Thuparama dagoba — Anuradhapura

5..Anuradhapura Twin Ponds

6. Anuradhapura Samadhi Buddha

7. Abhayagir dagoba in Anuradhapura

8. Archaeological Museum in Polonnaruwa

9. Palace of Parakramabahu in Polonnaruwa

10..Rankoth Vehera-Polonnaruwa

11..Gal Viharaya Polonnaruwa

12. Vatadage and Atadage-Polonnaruwa

13 Sri Lankan Buddhist cradles in Mihintale

When would you like to do a 10-day itinerary in Sri Lanka?

You may take this 10-day Sri Lanka vacation at any time of year, as Sri Lanka is a year-round travel destination. The program should, however, vary somewhat based on the time of year you visit the island. The two monsoons that enter the island of Sri Lanka determine the weather pattern mostly. Every monsoon affects a different part of the island, and only one monsoon ever arrives at a time. As such, at any given time of year, the monsoons’ intense rains only affect a portion of the island. There are two monsoons listed below.

Sri Lanka itinerary for ten days during the Southwest monsoon (May through October)

The southwest monsoon hits the island hard, soaking much of it from the beaches on the west coast to the highlands and south coast. The east coast is the best place for a beach vacation during this time of year since it stays dry; the west and south coasts are not appropriate. Therefore, it is advised to include east coast beaches like Argam Bay and Pasikudah for a beach holiday if you arrange your 10-day travel itinerary in Sri Lanka from May through October. In full swing from May to October is the southwest monsoon.

Ten days of sightseeing in Sri Lanka during the Northeast monsoon (November to April)

As the name implies, the northeast monsoon arrives on the island from the northeast beaches of Sri Lanka and dumps a lot of rain in some areas of the country. November through April is the northeast monsoon season, and beach vacations are not possible in the water off the east and north coasts during this time. It is advised to select beaches in southwest Sri Lanka, including Hikkaduwa beach and Bentota beach, for your beach vacation if your 10-day trip is scheduled from November through April.

Optional tourist destinations on a 10-day travel plan in Sri Lanka include the North and East.

Most 10-day itineraries in Sri Lanka do not include the North and East. But since the civil war was over in 2009, Trincomalee, Nilaveli, Kalkudah, Pasikudah, and Jaffna have been on the tourism map. A substantial majority of Sri Lankan tourists travel to this region of the nation between May and October in order to experience the unique terrain, stunning beaches, and Hindu culture. But time limits prevent me from including northeast Sri Lanka in this 10-day Sri Lanka trip.

Selecting the ideal travel path for your ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary

The weather in Sri Lanka will mostly determine which route is best for your ten-day journey there. Think of it. The travelers suggest traveling the northern route of Sri Lanka if you are planning a 10-day trip there between May and October. The southern route makes the most sense for a ten-day journey if you go between October and April.

Arranging a Ten-Day Tour to Sri Lanka

It’s a lot of work to organize a self-guided tour abroad! While booking lodging, transportation, sightseeing tours, and activities is possible in a variety of ways, it may be rather difficult to determine where to get the greatest prices and the simplest methods to do it.

This blog article mostly discusses “places to visit in Sri Lanka in 10 days” and a 10-day tour of Sri Lanka. This blog article aims to offer thorough, detailed information on how to organize a 10-day trip to Sri Lanka that includes visits to the top attractions.

This Sri Lanka 10 day package is tested and true; many clients have already reserved this vacation with us, and the majority of them are quite happy with the schedule. Go to the website listing the tour and read the reviews.

Although this Sri Lanka 10-day package is built on 4* hotels and resorts, you may cut costs by staying in a lesser level of lodging. By emailing admin@seerendipitytours.com, Serendipity Tours may tailor the trip package to meet your specific needs. The prices are for double occupancy; if you need to make an individual reservation, please get in touch with us. Seerendipity Tours is the only company in charge of organizing this ten-day trip to Sri Lanka. Please get in touch with Seerendipity Tours if you would like to reserve the tour.

The budgeted amount may, however, fluctuate during the year. For example, the cost of lodging may somewhat rise in December and fall in September.

One may easily adapt this tour package into a 10-day self-guided trip of Sri Lanka. Should you be a backpacker and enjoy traveling alone, you are welcome to follow the daily schedule independently.

Please get in touch with us if you would like further details on how to arrange this 10-day Sri Lanka itinerary. If you would want help locating reasonably priced lodging or transportation for your vacation, please contact us at admin@seerendipitytours.com.

Ten-day travel itinerary in Sri Lanka cost

The main outlays in this 10-day package to Sri Lanka are for lodging, transportation, and admission fees. Any Sri Lankan 10-day package’s accommodation is the priciest component; the price varies according to the hotel’s star class. Still, the guests on this 10-day vacation of Sri Lanka are lodging in 4-star hotels. Each participant on the ten-day tour pays US$ 890.

My own experience tells me that a nice and safe beach vacation and tour of Sri Lanka may be had without booking star-class hotels. There are plenty different choices that offer excellent, quiet, and clean lodging facilities at a much lower cost than what tourists spend at hotels, including dorms, guest homes, rest houses, rent rooms, etc.

Planning lodging for your ten-day self-guided trip of Sri Lanka?

Many different kinds and rates of lodging accommodations are offered in well-known tourist destinations. Three general groups may be made out of these lodging options: luxury hotels, middle-class hotels, and reasonably priced lodging facilities. As much as you can, try to make your own hotel reservations during the trip; you may be able to negotiate a better price if you do so directly with the hotel. Particularly with reasonably priced lodging options of the guest house variety.

Unlike in large hotels where meals and lodging are included at a fixed price, visitors can bargain for lower room rates at reasonably priced lodging providers like guest houses and rental apartments. Individual proprietors take care of most of these reasonably priced lodging options.

Be ready to negotiate if you look for cheap lodging! Deal with the accommodation facilitators directly on that one. The prices may rise by 10% to 30% if you book through outside sources.

The best way to get around on your ten-day Sri Lanka adventure

The 10-day travel package to Sri Lanka is mostly about transportation, followed by lodging. The most practical and efficient way to travel in Sri Lanka is in a private vehicle with a local driver. Driving about the island is a little difficult if you are not used to the gridlocked traffic. It is strongly advised that, if you are a foreigner, you hire a car with a local driver for the whole trip. Traveling more distance at your own speed and having more time for leisure and sightseeing is possible when you hire a private car with a local driver. That did, after all, remove needless tension.

We have arranged for your transportation in an air-conditioned luxury car as you explore the 15 top spots in Sri Lanka in ten days. There are the newest conveniences in this completely air-conditioned car, including climate control, WIFI, and reclining seats.

What the best itinerary for 10 day excursion in Sri Lanka ?

Day 1: Airport in Colombo > Negombo

Day 2: Negombo > Anuradhapura > Sigiriya

Day 3: Sigiriya

Day 4: Sigiriya to Dambulla

Day 5: Sigiriya >>Polonnaruwa >> Sigiriya

Day 6: Kandy > Sigiriya

Day 7: Nuwara Eliya via Kandy

Day 8: Yala/Tissamharama>Nuwara Eliya

Day 9: Yala > Unawatuna/Galle

Day 10: Galle > Colombo

Day 1 of Sri Lanka 10-day travel itinerary

Colombo is the starting point of the 10-day travel package to Sri Lanka. Katunayake international airport, which is close to the Negombo beach resort, is where most foreign visitors arrive. Or maybe they come in through the harbour at Colombo. So, like other Sri Lanka trip packages, this 10-day vacation begins in Colombo.

Generally speaking, most tourists prefer to relax and do not want to do extensive sightseeing excursions on the first day of their trip, immediately following their flight. Some of our passengers fly from their home country to Colombo for more than a day, or 24 hours, and by the time they arrive in Sri Lanka, they are exhausted, hungry, and in need of rest. Most tourists, therefore, want to spend their first few days in Sri Lanka leisurely. We have arranged Negombo as the first overnight stop of our ten-day journey to Sri Lanka to meet this need. At the same time, nothing is scheduled for the day except lounging about a beach resort. A short drive from the airport enables you to have some rest and relaxation for your first overnight stay at a beach resort close by.

First day of Sri Lanka 10-day itinerary: leisure in Negombo

West coast of Sri Lanka is home to the well-developed beach resort of Negombo. The international airport is quite near to Negombo. With plenty of choices for lodging, eating, entertainment, and sightseeing excursions, Negombo is a well-developed tourist destination. Most travelers wind up close to Lewis Road, which parallels the beach and is home to most lodging establishments.

Since Negombo is not among the top ten destinations in Sri Lanka to see in ten days, the itinerary does not include a Negombo sightseeing trip. Still, Seerendipity Tours can arrange visits to a few sites in Negombo, including the fish market, lagoons, and a few churches.

First night of the ten-day journey to Sri Lanka will be spent at a Negombo beach resort.

Day 2 of the 10-day trip of Sri Lanka – Anuradhapura / Negombo

A trip to the cultural triangle opens this 10-day travel package of Sri Lanka. Most tourists have on their bucket lists seeing the historic and ancient sites in the cultural triangle. We have included the major tourist sites in the cultural triangle on this trip because most tourists who purchase Sri Lanka 10 days packages asked about it. Discovering the historic city of Anuradhapura is the first step in your cultural triangle tour.

What major sights are covered on day two?

  • Historical city of Anuradhapura
  • Aukana Buddha statue
  • Historical city of Mihintale

Ten-day Sri Lanka travel plan includes Sight seeing at Anuradhapura

First capital of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura, was founded in the third century BC. Starting at Anuradhapura, a UNESCO world heritage site, are all cultural trips. Anuradhapura is one of the 15 top destinations in Sri Lanka to see in ten days and a popular tourist attraction in the north-central region.

Sight seeing Mihintale on a ten-day journey to Sri Lanka

Buddhists in Sri Lanka are said to have originated in Mihintale. One of the biggest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka and among the oldest is the Mihintale temple. Beginning in the second century BC, King Devanampiytissa established the temple at Mihintale. A Stupa, Buddha sculptures, and remnants of an old hospital are just a few of the historic sites that visitors to the temple may see.

Aukana Buddha sculptures seen during the ten-day journey to Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka’s north-central region is Aukana, a tourist destination off the usual path. Most tourists forget about this temple as it is situated far from the main tourist route in Sri Lanka. Still, the temple is quite significant historically; Kind Dhathusena built it in the fifth century AD. Not the oldest temple in Sri Lanka, this one has one of the finest examples of Sri Lankan stonemasonry. The most arresting aspect of the temple is the Aukana Buddha statue, which was painstakingly carved out of a natural granite rock. Standing 46 feet (14 meters) tall, the Buddha statue is still in excellent shape.

You will be heading to Sigiriya to spend the night after seeing the Buddha statues at Anuradhapura, Mihintale, and Aukana. The trip to the previously listed tourist destinations might take seven to eight hours.

Day -3 of the Ten-day itinerary for Sri Lanka,

In Sri Lanka’s north-central region is the relaxed city of Habarana. Habarana is situated in the heart of the Sri Lankan cultural triangle, hence most tourists who are touring the triangle build their Sri Lanka tours around it. Habarana offers simple access to Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Kandy and Polonnaruwa because of its strategic position in the cultural triangle. But Habarana leaves out important sites to see in Sri Lanka in ten days.

what are major tourist attractions Covered on a ten-day excursion ?

Pidurangala ancient temple (optional)

Day -4 of ten-day itinerary for Sri Lanka

Discover the historic city of Sigiriya after a fantastic breakfast. About three hours are spent on the Sigiriya rock fortress tour. Sri Rya has a wealth of fascinating sites to see, and this guide will walk you through all the main tourist attractions in Sigiriya. Then you take your time touring Sigiriya and Habarana. Visit Dambulla Golden Temple later in the day

What major sights are covered on day four of the ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary?

  • Damubulla Golden temple
  • Sigiriya rock fortress

Ten-day Sri Lanka travel schedule includes climbing Sigiriya rock.

Everybody must pay US$ 30 to enter Sigiriya. It is already included in a Sri Lanka 10-day vacation booked with Seerendipity Tours, though, and your guide will show you around the Sigiriya rock stronghold.

By climbing the rock in the early morning or late afternoon, one can avoid the excessive heat at the location. Recall to bring a bottle of water; as you climb, you may become thirsty. Lunch at a nearby restaurant and a break are in order after touring the rock fortification.

If you are going there alone, you might need to obtain a site guide to fully understand the Sigiriya rock stronghold and its colorful past. Speaking practically every language in the globe, these guides are very knowledgeable about the location. About Rs 2500 is the guide cost; it is best to negotiate the amount with the guide before to the uphill march. A local guide will not be necessary, though, if you have a handbook.

Ten days of Sri Lankan itinerary include visiting Dambulla Golden Temple.

For almost two millennia, the Buddhist temple of Dambulla has been a favorite destination. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka contains even more beauty. Among the greatest natural cave temples in the world and the largest in Sri Lanka. The historical and theological value of Dambulla Golden Temple has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History records that King Walagambahu built the temple in the first century BC. Situated in five natural caverns, this opulent Buddhist temple is covered with hundreds of sculptures and murals.

Day five of the ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary

After breakfast, go for Polonnaruwa to discover Sri Lanka’s second-most-historical city. Important and among the best sites to see in Sri Lanka in ten days is Polonnaruwa. It takes around one hour to travel the 45 KM trip from Habarana to Polonnaruwa. The museum and Polonnaruwa historical site cost $25 per person to enter. Just at the archeological museum, entrance tickets available.

Being smaller than Anuradhapura, the old city of Polonnaruwa can easily explored on foot. An additional well-liked way to get around the city and see its landmarks is by bicycle. Returning later, we had supper and spent the night in the Habarana hotel.

  • Historical site of Polinaruwa
  • National Park of Minneriya
  • The isolated community of Kimbissa

Day Six of ten-day itinerary for Sri Lanka

After breakfast, head for Kandy, another major island tourism destination. One more excellent destination in Sri Lanka to see in ten days is Kandy. It takes two hours to drive the 100 kilometers from Habarana to Kandy. Our Sri Lanka 10-day tour will base itself in Kandy for the following two days.

On the journey from Habarana to Kandy, there are various fascinating sites to see; however, how much time you have to spend at each location mostly depends on your schedule. The spice garden, Muttumari Amman temple, Batik industry and Matale Aluvihara are some of the fascinating locations between Habaran and Kandy.

The Royal Botanical Garden, Kandyan cultural display, and Temple of the Tooth Relic are among the sites seen on the later-day Kandy city trip. Most tourists also hope to have some time to visit the bustling shopping district. The distances between all of these locations are short and the journey time is not too long. Actually, anywhere but the Royal Botanical Garden, you can stroll.

What major sights are Covered on day six of a ten-day itinerary in Sri Lanka?

  • Spice garden Matale
  • Relic of the Tooth Temple
  • Kandyan Cultural display
  • Royal botanical garden
  • Down Town Kandy
  • The Gem Museum
  • Museum of culture

Visiting the tooth relic temple on a 10 day itinerary

The main tourist attraction of the city is the shrine of the tooth relics. The daily service routine, which lasts an hour, makes the optimal times to visit the tooth relic shrine around 05.30, 09.30, or 18.30. Find out more about the Thevava rite.

One may see the Kandyan cultural display, which takes place next to the tooth relic temple, just before the ceremony there.

Day -7 of ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary

You now know Sri Lanka and its people, having spent the last six days there. We are heading to Nuwara Eliya today, a well-known mountain resort with a therapeutic atmosphere for holidays. One of the top ten destinations in Sri Lanka.

What major sights are covered on day seven of a ten-day trip to Sri Lanka?

  • City tour of Nuwara Eliya
  • Gregory Lake
  • Victoria Park
  • Tea factory and garden

The days in Sri Lanka: An idyllic rail trip around the nation

We are going to take a train from Kandy to Nanu Oya, the closest railway station to Nuwara Eliya, after breakfast. Among the most picturesque rail trips in the world is thought to be the one from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Daily trains from Kandy head for Nuwara Eliya in several numbers. One of the trains leaving Kandy early in the morning will carry you.

Seerendipity Tours is going to book the train ticket. Every cost associated with the rail trip is included in the 10-day Sri Lanka travel package. We suggest you to board in the less packed second class cabins. The four-hour train ride passes via several tunnels, tea plantations, waterfalls, and stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Ten-day Sri Lankan itinerary: scenic tour of Nuwara Eliya

Walking around Gregory Lake, across the city, and to the Victoria Garden are all part of Nuwara Eliya sightseeing. Pedro tea factory is a tea factory located ten minutes from Nuwara Eliya if you would want to see a tea plantation and factory.

Day 8 of ten-day itinerary for Sri Lanka

Head from Nuwara Eliya to Tissamaharama in southern Sri Lanka after breakfast. With two stops—Ravana Falls and Sita Amman temple—the trip takes around three hours. About midday, you’ll check into the hotel, have a little nap, and then go to Yala National Park.

What major sights are covered on day eight of a ten-day trip to Sri Lanka?

  • Yala Park
  • Sita Amman Temple
  • Temple of Kataragama

The ten-day Sri Lankan itinerary includes Yala Safari.

One odd thing about Yala is that there aren’t many hotels close to the wildlife reserve. The majority tourist destination in southern Sri Lanka is the Yala national park, however lodging options are not gathered around it. Among the Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in Ten Days is also Yala National Park.

In Tissamaharama are the majority of hotels and other lodging options. It takes an hour to drive the 36 kilometers from Tissamaharama to Yala National Park.

We arrange the Yala safari in the afternoon following a four-hour trip from Nuwara Eliya to Tissamharama. Leave Tissamaharama for the Yala safari at 1400 hours. Wild creatures are best seen in the late afternoon as the sun is setting. Seerendipity Tours handles the booking of the jeeps and the safari admission costs. The guide will announce the start time of the safari.

Ten days in Sri Lanka: Kataragama Temple and Murugan Temple

popular religious and historical site in southern Sri Lanka is Kataragama Temple, also known as Murugan Temple. Every day, hundreds of people visit the shrine. If you would want to see this vibrant temple, board a bus headed for Kataragama from Tissamharama. A few kilometers separate Tissamaharama and the temple. There is no cost to enter Kataragama temple.

Day 9 of ten-day itinerary for Sri Lanka

Continue to the south coast’s Unawatuna beach after a leisurely breakfast. Among the most stunning remote beaches in Sri Lanka is Unawatuna. Still, some visitors choose to go on the safari the day they drive to the beach resort.

What major tourist sites are covered on day nine of a ten-day tour to Sri Lanka?

  • Down south beaches of Sri Lanka
  • Mirissa beach

Selecting the ideal beach for ten days in Sri Lanka

About 25% of tourists traveling to the south stay in Hikkaduwa and Galle; the remaining tourists choose hotels in Matara, Mirissa, Hambantota, Tangalle and other beaches in the deep south. The majority of beach vacationers (about 50%) stop their journey on the west coast (Kalutara and Bentota beach resorts).

Being a beach resort, Unawatuna is ideal for a variety of saltwater sports like boating, snorkeling, diving, and sea bathing. We just intend to spend one night at the beach resort. But you may select another beach hotel or extend your beach vacation at the same resort.

Day 10 of ten-day Sri Lanka itinerary

After breakfast, head for Colombo, stopping to see Hikkaduwa Beach and Galle Fort along way. Afternoon city tour of Colombo.

What major sights are covered on day 10?

  • Galle Fort
  • Hikkaduwa beach
  • Estaury of the Madu river

Among the top tourist destinations in southern Sri Lanka is Galle Fort, the sole UNESCO World Heritage Site in that region. As such, I considered adding Galle Fort to my ten-day Sri Lankan vacation schedule. Several centuries old, the fort rises magnificently close to Galle Harbour. Should the Galle fortress not be on the schedule, a trip to southern Sri Lanka is incomplete.

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Sanjeewa Padmal (Seerendipity tours)

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