Sri Lankan Holiday Package on South coast

A Sri Lankan Holiday Package on South coast

Sri Lanka is an island nation, deep within the Indian Ocean. In addition to its naturally diverse nature, Sri Lanka is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tea, mouthwatering tropical fruits, intriguing animals, ancient cave temples, seafood, rice, and curry, as well as the hill country Blue Train and its stunning coastal views. Using rainfall, temperature, and elevation above sea level as criteria, four distinct climatic zones may be identified for this small tropical country. Because Sri Lanka is a tiny country, traveling from one climate zone to another just takes a few hours. For instance, it just takes four hours to get from the beach resort on the south coast to the hill country resort of Nuwara Eliya (15 degrees Celsius). By venturing on a Sri Lankan Holiday Package on South coast, you will be able to encounter a large number of interesting places that have been loved by many thousands of tourists over the last many decades. This blog post is about 20 best places to visit on Sri Lanka south-coast trip. Sri Lanka south coast trip is available in in many forms, such as 1 day south coast tour, 2-day south coast trip, 6-day Sri Lanka southern tour, etc. So enjoy your best adventure to Sri Lanka’s south coast with Serendipity Tours (private) Limited. These south coast trips can be conveniently incorporated into your beach holiday.

The following locations are included on most Sri Lankan Holiday Package on South coast

  1. Yala National park
  2. Mulgirgala temple
  3. Temple of Kataragama
  4. Studying of cetaceans
  5. Mirissa harbour
  6. Mirissa coconut tree hill
  7. Mirissa Jnungle
  8. Hikkaduwa Beach
  9. Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary
  10. Hiriketiya Beach
  11. Surfing Weligama
  12. Ahangama, stilt fishermen
  13. Galle Fort
  14. Udawalawe National Park
  15. Geffroy bawa’s garden / Lunu Ganga
  16. Bentota water sport center
  17. Benthota River
  18. Blowhole in Dickwella
  19. Aea turtle conservation project
  20. Gem museum

1. The Yala National Park

 A Wildlife Safari offers the opportunity to encounter a diverse range of animals, including exotic birds, leopards, peacocks, elephants, crocodiles, sloth bears, spotted deer, jackals, and sambars. This unique experience combines a national park and reservation, providing a wonderful environment for exploration. The months from February to July are optimal for visiting Yala. Embarking on an expedition in Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, and Bundala National Park is an excellent way to commence your exploration.

2. The Mulkirigala Temple is situated on a rocky outcrop

In close proximity to Tangalle is Mulkirigala, a remarkably awe-inspiring ancient site in the southern region. Ancient cave temples with intricate embellishments are etched onto the sides of a colossal rock formation. The temples, which were built during the third century B.C., were constructed on four different levels at different times in ancient history. The summit offers breathtaking views, which may be reached by ascending approximately 500 stairs that link each tier. To comprehend the delectable cuisine that you consume, it is necessary to make sense of it.

3. The Temple of Kataragama is the third item on the list.

Every year, the temple of the deity Kataragama draws worshippers from around the globe, establishing it as one of the most revered sites on the island for adherents of both Buddhism and Hinduism.At night, the temples become animated with religious rituals.Worshipers offer trays of sacrifices to the deity and use several drums and conch shells to seek the blessings of the god Kataragama.

4. Whale watching in south coast

If one wishes to witness the largest creature on Earth, Mirissa is an excellent destination. Multiple tour organizations in the area offer guided trips to the Indian Ocean with the aim of observing dolphins, whales, and turtles. This activity has rapidly gained popularity as a prominent attraction in the southern region. During the period from December to March, your visit will be really satisfying and you will not experience any regrets.

5. The Coconut Tree Hill

If you are seeking a scenic and charming destination in the southern region, there is no need to search any farther than this particular area. Situated near the entrance of Mirissa Beach, enveloped by coconut palms, it provides awe-inspiring vistas of the ocean underneath.

6. Mirissa’s Jungle Playground is an adventure park.

Jungle playgrounds are ideal for groups of friends or family seeking an exhilarating experience without straying too far from the shore. A European couple established and oversees this distinctive jungle route. The activity includes a diverse range of challenges, such as climbing, mini-golfing, and jungle bowling!

This vibrant town is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, serene diving spots, and top-notch surfing. After examining the numerous curio and souvenir stores that are situated along the strip, enjoy a meal at trendy restaurants that provide innovative fusion cuisine or fresh seafood.

8. Engaging in scuba diving at Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa provides a sanctuary for residents.There exist numerous awe-inspiring diving locations, ideal for scuba divers with varying degrees of expertise.

 Through collaboration with a limited number of PADI dive schools and trip companies, individuals as young as eight years old can receive training. Experience the exhilaration of free diving, encounter majestic sea turtles, and investigate eleven shipwrecks located at different depths.

9. Hiriketiya Beach

A multitude of surfers are drawn to this destination due to the enchanting horseshoe harbor, which produces waves of exceptional quality. The few hipster cafés and eateries that are scattered along the shoreline are ideal for individuals who prefer to relax and avoid physical exertion.

10. Surfing at Weligama Beach

Weligama Beach is particularly suitable for inexperienced surfers, but there are numerous other excellent locations on the island. The beach is an ideal location for spending quality time with family due to its tranquil and less congested environment.

11. Observe stilt fishermen

Observe the traditional practice of catching fish using bamboo stilts along the coastline, a tradition that dates back to World War II. This activity can be witnessed at Koggala Beach and various other spots. If you are interested in trying your hand at fishing, the local fishermen will willingly lend you their seat, fishing lines, and bait in return for a gratuity. If you desire to own a trophy catch, it is advisable to engage in fishing within the early morning or late evening hours.

12. Galle Fort: Galle

Visit the Galle Fort, an ancient landmark that originated in the early 1600s when the Portuguese and Dutch fortified it. Enjoy a gelato while exploring the Maritime Museum and admiring the splendid architecture along its cobblestone streets.

 The Fort offers a plethora of attractions, like hidden cafes, elegant boutique hotels, the iconic Galle Lighthouse, jewelry boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, and many other delightful experiences.

13. The Udawalawa National Park is a protected area

The establishment of this national park was to provide a sanctuary for displaced wildlife as a result of the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir.

 Visitors now have the opportunity to come across elephants, leopards, and a diverse array of uncommon avian and reptilian species. Due to the year-round presence of wildlife, including leopards,

 In Udawalawe, there is no certain period that is considered the best to visit this park. The probability of observing Asian elephants at this park is high due to its possession of the greatest number of these animals in Sri Lanka.

14. Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunu Ganga Estate

 If you have an appreciation for artistic perspectives, it is likely that you are familiar with the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. Visit the Lunuganga Estate, the countryside sanctuary of the renowned Sri Lankan architect. The apex of tropical modernism is evident in the architecture of his buildings, the artwork showcased throughout the estate, and the lush gardens.

15. Benthota River Water Sports

The Benthota River provides a diverse range of water sports activities for individuals looking for a different experience on the lake. Every member of the family can partake in a range of aquatic activities, such as riding banana boats and jet skiing.

16. Benthota River Safari

 On the banks of Sri Lanka’s third-largest river, one can observe mangroves, crocodiles, snakes, bats, and the second-most weighty lizard species, surpassed only by the Komodo dragon! This location is situated at a greater distance from the water-based activities.

17. A Blowhole in Dickwella

Visit the Hummanaya Blowhole, the only blowhole in Sri Lanka, to witness it yourself. Moreover, it is said to be the second-largest blowhole in the world, and approximately 25–30 meters of water will be forcefully propelled into the air!

18. Kosgoda sea turtle conservation project

Take a moment to learn about the extensive efforts being made to enhance the hatching and initial survival rates of turtle hatchlings. Additionally, you will see them diligently tending to sick or injured adult turtles before releasing them back into the aquatic environment once they have fully recovered.

There are supplementary awareness and volunteer efforts available to both domestic and foreign travelers for those who are interested. Five endangered species of sea turtles deposit their eggs on the west and south beaches of Sri Lanka.

19. The Hikkaduwa Community Tsunami Museum

Although one may anticipate a sense of emptiness when visiting this small community museum dedicated to preserving the memory of the 2004 tsunami, it is impossible not to be astounded by Sri Lanka’s extraordinary ability to recover and make advancements in the aftermath of such a devastating catastrophe.

20. The Gem Museum in Beruwala is a significant attraction

The vibrant diamond market in Beruwala, known as China Fort, derives its name from the Chinese traders who settled there some 300 years ago. Across two buildings, there is a maximum capacity of five thousand vendors. The market is teeming with daily gem transactions amounting to millions of dollars, attracting customers from all corners of the world to make their purchases

Sri Lanka south coast itineray in brief

Prominent coastlines adorned with golden sands and verdant vegetation adorn the small island of Sri Lanka, which is situated in the immense Indian Ocean.Justifiably, a number of the country’s most renowned beaches are situated along the southern coast of Sri Lanka.nwind and take pleasure in the breathtaking sand shores and invigorating sea breeze during a vacation along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. In order to further appreciate these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, I also suggest that you partake in whale viewing during your vacation. In order to observe the incredible variety of flora and fauna that Sri Lanka is home to, I also recommend a visit to its renowned wildlife sanctuary in Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.

A vacation along Sri Lanka’s south coast is the ideal way to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking sand beaches and cool sea breeze. In addition, I suggest  whale watching as a way for you  to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat while on vacation. In addition, to see some of the island’s varied plant and animal life, I advise going to Sri Lanka’s well-known wildlife sanctuary.thern coast of Sri Lanka harbors a selection of the nation’s most esteemed beaches, and this is well justified. A Sri Lankan south coast holiday offers the perfect opportunity to relax and appreciate the stunning sandy beaches and refreshing sea breeze.

Furthermore, during your holiday, I recommend engaging in the activity of whale watching to observe these magnificent creatures in their native environment. Additionally, I suggest visiting Sri Lanka’s highly renowned wildlife sanctuary to get a peek at the island’s diverse plant and animal life.

Day 1 of Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

Upon exiting the airport, proceed in a southern direction. Traveling by automobile in Sri Lanka is an exhilarating experience, despite the relatively short distances between towns. The route from the Colombo airport spans 146 kilometers and traverses the city center, Mount Lavinia, a coastal city, as well as the resort towns of Wadduwa, Kalutara, Beruwela, Bentota, Kosgoda, Ambalangoda, Hikkadduwa, and Galle.

The journey to Galle is replete with vitality and abounds in scenic vistas and ambient sounds as one traverses the coastline, with the ocean on one side and the bustling sounds of residential and business activities on the other. Upon arrival in Sri Lanka,

 One will be welcomed by the vibrant presence of bullock carts, buses, lorries, and tuk tuks (trishaws), as well as the joyful countenances of schoolchildren adorned in their most brilliant white attire. Upon arrival in Galle, you will have the opportunity to check into your accommodation

Day 2 Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

Indulge in leisure time or embark on a boat expedition to observe dolphins and whales in the waters surrounding Mirrissa (Dondara), a mere forty-minute drive from your lodging. Whale viewing off the coast of Sri Lanka is most favorable throughout the months of December through April.

Blue whales, which may reach a maximum length of 100 feet (30 meters) and weigh approximately 200 tons, hold the title of being the largest living organisms on Earth.

With an average lifespan ranging from eighty to ninety years, they rank among the most long-lived mammals on the planet. Blue whales can produce impressive single-column spouts that can reach heights of up to 12 meters when they exhale. Upon emerging to breathe, they frequently elevate their blowholes and shoulders to a significantly greater extent than other massive cetaceans. Due to these two characteristics, encountering a blue whale is a truly memorable expedition.

Day 3 of Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

When exploring the Galle Fort, taking a leisurely walk is the most advisable option. Following the sea wall and fortifications, notable sites like the old Dutch Church, the governor’s mansion, the spice warehouses, Court Square, the Kacheri (town hall), and the lighthouse will come into view as one strolls along at a leisurely pace.

After seeing the mosque, take a leisurely walk down the streets that lead to the cricket fields, temple, and the old district judge’s residence, which is surrounded by frangipani trees.Galle, a fortified city, has historically functioned as a significant center of trade and commerce. It functioned as a crucial center for commerce with India, Persia, the Arab world, and China more than a millennium ago.

Subsequently, the Sumatran and Javanese populations migrated to the area. It is worth noting that Marco Polo was among those who arrived in 1299 AD. Upon the advent of the Portuguese in 1505 AD, a small Portuguese trading post was established. In 1589 AD, following the expulsion of the Portuguese from their fort at Colombo by the Kingdom of Kandy, a Portuguese settlement was established with a fort made of mud and palm trees.

Day 4 Sri Lankan Holiday Package on South coast

Fourth day: following breakfast, proceed to Tangalle, a coastal community located between Matara and Hambantota, known for its fishing industry. The location features an extensive, unspoiled shoreline and is renowned for being a habitat where turtles lay their eggs.

According to numerous sources, the beaches in close proximity to Tangalle offer the most amicable waves and the softest sand along the entire southern coastline. Due to its lengthy, coral reef-protected, four-kilometer sandy beach and the opportunity to go scuba diving among numerous shipwrecks,

Tangalle is quickly becoming the most prestigious beach destination on the southern coast. Your hotel stay in Tangalle will commence upon your arrival and will last for two nights.

Furthermore, situated ten kilometers to the east of Tangalle is the Rekawa Turtle Conservation Initiative, a sanctuary dedicated to safeguarding one of Sri Lanka’s most important breeding sites for sea turtles. Throughout the year, five unique kinds of sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach during the nighttime. Amanwella recommends attending the project during a night with a full moon for an optimal experience. The presence of turtles is readily apparent in the illumination of the moon.

Day 5 Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

By the fifth day, you will depart from Tangalle and arrive at the Yala National Park gate in the late afternoon. Yala National Park, a highly favored wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka, is located around two hours northeast of Tangalle.

While the visitors explore the park, a park tracker is with them. Groups of brightly colored painted storks, crocodiles, fan-tailed peacocks, and chattering monkeys in the trees all contribute to the park’s unique animal attractiveness. However, the park is mainly famous for its elusive leopards.

Day 6 Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

You can go early and behold the dawn from the hotel. Once you have finished eating your breakfast, I recommend taking a leisurely walk about Hambantota town or embarking on a picture safari to the nearby Bundala game sanctuary. After completing the task, travel back to Colombo using a vehicle. Retire to your hotel room during the night.

Day 7, the last day of the Sri Lanka Holiday Package on South coast

On the seventh day, following breakfast, you will embark on a sightseeing voyage throughout Colombo. While navigating the city, you will come across the “Fort,” a significant and commercial area that the Portuguese built in the 16th century. The National Museum, renowned for its exquisite collection of antiquities, and the bustling Pettach markets and bazaars are undoubtedly the main attractions. While progressing on your expedition, you will encounter Independence Square and Town Hall. Following your Colombo sightseeing trip, a cheerful Sri Lankan individual will transport you back to the airport for your upcoming departure.

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