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In 2024, there will be six adventure sports in Bentota that will allow you to face your fears!

It’s pretty much always the same: most of us like getting away from our normal lives, even if it’s just for a little while. I get up early, drink a cup of tea, rush to get to work on time, and then rush home again after work. In some part of our daily lives, most of us may feel like the spark of life is fading. We think we deserve more excitement in our lives at times like these. It’s impossible to resist the draw of the unknown. Why not take this chance to clear your mind and feel free? Come try these action sports in Bentota right now. Remember to follow your heart when it wants to go on a trip!

Bentota’s Top 6 Adventure Sports

People love Bentota because it has beautiful beaches, bays, coves, lakes, rivers, and wooded areas. It is one of the best places on the coast to enjoy nature and scenery. For a while, forget about the sun, sea, and sand and think about the more exciting and scary places to visit in Bentota. This piece is mostly about the top five places to do different kinds of adventure sports.

  • Scuba and snorkelling
  • Water skiing
  • Cycling on the beach and in the backwaters
  • Kayaking
  • The Banana Ride
  • Boating

Scuba and snorkelling

Bentota is a well-known beach holiday spot because it is on the western coast of Sri Lanka. This appealing beach holiday spot also has a lot of water sports to choose from. When people go to Bentota, a beach tourist spot, two of their favorite things to do are diving and snorkeling. One of the best places in Sri Lanka to see the interesting sea life is Hikkaduwa, which is just south of Bentota.
People who dive or swim in the Hikkaduwa Marine Sanctuary can see coral reefs, sea turtles, seagrass, and hundreds of different kinds of exotic fish. Take a glass-bottom boat ride off of Hikkaduwa to see the fish, turtles, reefs, and other sea life without getting wet. A great way to experience the underwater world without getting wet. It takes about an hour to do this boat tour in Sri Lanka, and a little longer to swim and dive. You can dive in the shallow waters of Hikkaduwa even if you aren’t good at swimming or diving. In fact, you can hire a dive coach if you want to.

Water skiing

Sri Lanka’s Bentota is one of the best places to go water skiing. It’s also one of the most popular adventure water sports there, so you have to do it if you go. Water skiers love the Bentota River because it is a great place to do this exciting activity. The holiday area of Bentota runs west into the Bentota river, which has a large body of calm water.
Water skiing is available at dozens of water sports centers along the Bentota river, and trained water skiers are on hand to help tourists. This means that water skiing at Hikkaduwa is good for both new and experienced snowboarders.
There will be times when this amazing trip makes you feel like you’re flying above the water. There are a few places in Sri Lanka where you can water ski, but the most famous is Bentota. You can do this at any time of the day.

Beach & Backwater Cycling

Even though it’s not as popular as some other sports among travelers, every day a few dozen of them enjoy the fun of cycling. That’s right, this is the perfect action for people who like to be active and take in the beautiful scenery.
The bike trip starts in Bentota and quickly leaves the crowded and busy beach area for a quieter, less crowded area further inland. The path along the Bentota River is one of the most famous bike routes. Along the river, you can see plants and animals that live in water. Besides that, you can connect with people in the area.
The people who plan the bike trip give you a local guide, so you won’t get lost. They also give you everything you need, like bikes, helmets, and coats.
The beautiful beaches and lush farmland of Bentota make the town even more beautiful. A bicycle ride along the Bentota River is the best way to enjoy its natural beauty. The bike ride lasts about two hours, and you can set it up at a time that works for you.


Many people enjoy kayaking because it is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities. The Bentota River is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to go kayaking, and a lot of tourists come here to do it. A water sports center can give you a guide if you have never been kayaking before. You can choose how long the kayaking lasts based on how much time you have. Prices also change based on how long the action lasts.

Banana Ride

Another fun thing to do in Bentota is ride a banana. This is usually done with a group, but you can also do it by yourself. The trip is exciting, but the fast banana boat ride made you feel sick. To stay safe on the ride, do exactly what the teachers say. Do not forget to keep your antenna up as you quickly move from one spot on the water’s surface to another. Also, do not miss the beautiful sights along the beach. You can do this fun activity at any time of the day, but you should definitely book the boat before you get there to make sure you don’t miss the trip.

Madu River Safari

A few kilometers south of Bentota, which is also a popular tourist spot, is the Madu River lagoon. The swamp is a natural area that is important for animals, mangrove lagoons, and many types of birds and plants. People who go there are excited by how unique it is and how it makes them feel. At Madu Estuary, you could go by boat to see old temples, islands, and a center for fish treatment. The Madu river tour, also known as a boat trip, lasts about two hours and is one of the best things to do if you love nature. A few kilometers south of Bentota, near the Balapitiya bridge, is where the boat generally leaves from.
Bentota is the place to be if you want to have fun and spend time with friends and family. Aside from the five famous activities above, there are many more fun and exciting things to do at privately run water sports centers along the Bentota River.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bentota Adventure Sports

Q. What is the best time of year to visit Bentota?

A. The weather in Bentota is generally hot and humid, with temperatures rising significantly during the north-west monsoon (from April to November). Months like July are regarded as extremely hot in west coast cities. The best time to visit Bentota is from November to April, when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities and there is little rain.

Q. Are adventure sports safe in Bentota?

A. In Bentota, all water sports activities are organised by government-registered water sports centres. These watersports centres employ skilled, experienced, and specialised athletes for each activity they provide. Visitors are provided with appropriate safety equipment in addition to the skilled staff.

Q. What adventure sports are available in and near Bentota?

A. There are numerous water sports activities available in Bentota. Some of the most popular activities are kayaking, boating, surfing, banana boating, diving, and snorkelling.

Q. What is Bentota well-known for?

A. Bentota is best known as a beach vacation location. It does, however, provide a few cultural and historical monuments a few kilometres outside of Bentota. The Kande Vihara Buddhist temple and the Mask Museum are also must-sees in Bentota.

Q. What are the best places to shop in Bentota?

A. Bentota provides a plethora of product options for purchase. The most popular items include spices, handicrafts, jewels and jewellery, tea, clothing, silk spices, and beverages such as arrack.

Q. What are the best locations to visit in Bentota?

Bentota Beach, commonly known as the Golden Mile, is a must-see when visiting Bentota. Aside from the golden-colored beaches, travellers can visit temples, sections of forest, marshland, museums, galleries, Ayurveda healing centres, and forts in the Bentota area.

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