Five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

One of the most popular tour itineraries for visitors to Sri Lanka is the five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka. The plan for the five nights and six days of travel to Sri Lanka may be brief, but it is jam-packed with fascinating tourist attractions. The schedule of the journey includes the wildlife reserves, historical sites, scenic hill country, and cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, among many other things.

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Five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

At 645 km and barely touching the equator, Sri Lanka is the world’s farthest southerly location. The year-round weather is pleasant for a tropical region. April is when Sri Lanka comes alive, with the commencement of the blossoming season, the weather getting warmer, and the traditional new year celebration taking place in April on a grand scale. The average yearly temperature rises again in April, even though it decreases by a few degrees Celsius near the end of the year (the low is frequently around 30 oC). Sri Lanka boasts year-round perfect weather for outdoor activities in the diverse natural environment, including exploring ages-old temples, palaces, and gardens, walking in lush green forests to waterfalls, hiking up green-capped peaks, and taking walks along vertiginous cliff paths. The surrounding waters are teeming with various species of whales and dolphins.

Five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

The 6-day Sri Lanka itinerary is one of the best travel packages, especially for first-time visitors who wish to see some of Sri Lanka’s beautiful places. Sri Lanka 6-day tour packages are in high demand from visitors from overseas. You may tour the island’s cultural triangle, go on a wildlife safari in one of the best national parks, unwind on the beach, and explore the hill country during this six-day trip to Sri Lanka.

Especially if you are coming from a European country, six days is not a very long period for a holiday. We therefore cannot expect to see all of Sri Lanka’s main tourist attractions in a few days. Whether your preference is for thrilling sports, relaxing on a stunning beach, partaking in bustling metropolis activities, or indulging in mouthwatering local food and drinks, even though six days isn’t much, it’s enough to explore the majority of Sri Lanka’s attractions by car. But if you plan beforehand and have a competent driver and guide, you should be able to see a lot of places in your six days in Sri Lanka. The key to figuring out how much you’ll spend on a six-day trip to Sri Lanka is preparation.

Is six days in Sri Lanka enough time?

It is difficult to respond to this question since, while many visitors are happy with what they saw and experienced during their six days in Sri Lanka, others wish they had had more time to see and experience more. With the correct itinerary, I believe you’ll be able to see a lot of Sri Lanka. Therefore, even if you believe that six days in Sri Lanka are ample, having a well-planned agenda is important to the success of your vacation.

There are several variations of the 6-day travel itinerary available for Sri Lanka, such as a 6-day tour of the country’s culture, a 6-day adventure tour, a 6-day tour of the country’s natural beauty, a 6-day tour of the country’s south coast, a 6-day beach tour, etc. When scheduling a 6-day holiday in Sri Lanka, travellers should be very specific about what they need in order to select the timetable that works best for them. With their help, you might obtain a personalised programme, as most Sri Lankan tour companies provide their customers with customised Sri Lanka tour itineraries.

Can I take a 6-day trip to Sri Lanka and combine it with my beach vacation?

Yes, it is possible to seamlessly integrate your beach vacation in Sri Lanka with your 6-day journey to the country. Actually, one of the most frequent queries that users of our website have is this one. because a lot of visitors wish to spend time lounging on the beach in addition to exploring Sri Lanka’s important historical, cultural, and natural landmarks. The six-day trip and the beach excursion are considered two separate things when making travel plans to Sri Lanka of this nature. The six-day trip in Sri Lanka might, however, need to be scheduled either clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on where you choose to have your beach tour package.

What is the typical schedule for a six-day visit to Sri Lanka?

It can be difficult for anyone to simply answer this question. However, beaches, the cultural triangle, and the hill country are all included in the most well-liked 6-day Sri Lanka trip itinerary. There is a lot of demand for this travel schedule, especially from foreign travellers. This 6-day tour of Sri Lanka offers a unique blend of historical sites (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife reserves, tea plantations, beaches, and the Sri Lanka’s hill country. We go into great depth about the itinerary in this piece to help you visualise this journey.

What could a six-day trip to Sri Lanka include?

The 6-day Sri Lanka tour is a popular multi-day travel package in Sri Lanka and is in great demand. The itinerary can feature as many interesting sites and activities as you like. A six-day trip to Sri Lanka could consist of a cultural tour, a nature or wildlife adventure, or a beach holiday. A six-day trip to Sri Lanka can include all of the nation’s attractions—beaches, stunning hill country, wildlife, and culture—or it might include any other combination of destinations and activities.

This blog post walks readers through a popular 6-day vacation plan to Sri Lanka that highlights the island’s beaches, hill country, and cultural triangle. The trip also includes boat rides, visits to flower gardens, and wildlife tours.

What is the price of a six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

The 6-day trip to Sri Lanka might be expensive or inexpensive, depending on your preferences for lodging and the types of attractions and activities you choose to see. The main portion of the package price is made up of lodging; activities and admission fees make up the second-largest portion. The cost of transportation and the driver/guide fee have an impact on the package price. If you correctly plan your trip and book a 3-star hotel, you can save a significant amount of money while sacrificing a small bit of luxury.

Could you make the necessary hotel arrangements for my six-day trip?

Indeed, you are able to book a hotel for your trip. Nonetheless, we suggest to our clients that they use a single provider to plan their entire tour package. By doing this, travellers can save a significant amount of money. Picking two suppliers (one for housing and another for the rest of the package) could result in a 20% increase in the package price.

Is it possible for me to book a 6-day family package?

Yes, a 6-day trip to Sri Lanka may be booked as a family vacation with children. Because the trip is private and doesn’t involve any physically demanding activities, only the parents will experience inconvenience from their children’s mischievous antics.

Sri Lankan nature cocktail tour

A six-day vacation in Sri Lanka, with a train and a nature cocktail tour This six-day tour includes hiking, whitewater rafting, safaris, and rainforest walks. This adventure holiday, which is based in southern Sri Lanka, also includes whale-watching.

Which places are included in the six-day 2023 Sri Lanka itinerary?

What are the main activities that are part of the six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

  • A city tour of Sri Lanka
  • Strolling towards the Sigiriya rock castle
  • The tour to the Dambulla Golden Temple
  • Hop-on-hop-off vehicle tour of Polonnaruwa
  • An escorted tour of the tooth relics temple
  • Kandy’s Buddhist Museum
  • Kandy cultural performance
  • Kandy sightseeing excursion
  • A guided tour of Peradeniya Botanical Garden
  • Guided walking tour through a spice garden
  • A guided tour of Nuwara Eliya
  • Gregory Lake Esplanade
  • Plantations and tea gardens
  • Escorted walking tour of the tea factory
  • At Madu River, safari
  • Recreation on beaches along the west coast

Brief summary of a 6-day visit in Sri Lanka

  • Day 1: Colombo
  • Day 2: Columbo-Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa
  • Day 4: Sigiriya-Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy-Bentota
  • Day 6: Bentota to Colombo

A six-day travel schedule for Sri Lanka

Take a 6-day road trip of Sri Lanka from Colombo to Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya, taking in Sri Lanka’s wild beauty and historic splendour. By road is the most popular way to explore Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and historical sites while having the chance to partake in some thrilling, action-packed adventures. During this 6-day tour of Sri Lanka, you will experience a beautiful blend of wild natural beauty and historical enjoyment.

The majority of Sri Lanka’s major cities are easily accessible by train, and the nation boasts a well-established bus system. It is not advisable to use public transport in Sri Lanka, though, as it is oftentimes a waste of time and the buses and trains are often delayed. There are several benefits to using private transportation with a Sri Lankan driver/guide, such as time savings and comfortable travel.

When you have a private vehicle, you can take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking scenery or the welcoming atmosphere of a rustic inn. Our 6-day road trip will ensure you have an amazing time on your visit to Sri Lanka.

When would be the best time to go to Sri Lanka for six days?

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka and enjoy the six-day vacation is from November to April. The southern circuit and the island’s centre, western, and southern hill regions are the main areas of exploration for the six-day itinerary that is provided below. The regions that the six-day trip passes through are significantly impacted by the southwest monsoon, which lasts from April to October. The southwest monsoon is the main rainy season on the island, and it frequently pours severely in the places travellers visit on this six-day tour. Most places of Sri Lanka remains dry during the rest of the year, which runs parallel to the northwest monsoon from October to April. These destinations are featured in this 6-day itinerary of Sri Lanka. In other words, October through April, which coincides with the northern hemisphere winter, is the best time of year to complete the 6-day southern circle journey.

The most well-known tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are included in this six-day private tour, which also includes visits to Udawalawe National Park, the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sigiriya Rock, and the Dambulla Golden Temple. At the end of the journey, you will be moored on the empty beaches of Mirissa.

Day 1: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

Begin with a day in luxurious Colombo, where you can explore the city’s mix of old and new architecture and see the Dutch-built Wolvendaal church, perched on a rocky bluff overlooking the busy city.

Climb Galle Face Green for some amazing views and to get a head start on the harder expeditions ahead. See one of the most significant historically temples in the city by going to the Buddhist temple in Kelaniya after soaking in the ambiance of Colombo. Anyone who worships here once is said to be able to atone for all of their sins committed during their lifetime. One of the most renowned artists on the island, George Keyt, put together the finest collection of modern Buddhist paintings on the island, which makes the temple notable.

The Buddhist community in Colombo holds great respect for the Kelaniya temple, which is one of the few places where Buddha made an appearance during one of his three trips to the island in the sixth century BC. Consequently, the Kelaniya temple is one of the most revered Buddhist temples on the island and one of the eight places that every Buddhist should visit at least once in his lifetime.

There are several interesting places to visit around the Colombo city centre, such as lakes, parks, rivers, marshes, and historic buildings. Nestled amidst multiple lakes, marshes, and a complex network of canals connecting these water resources lies the Ramsar wetland metropolis known as Colombo. The approximate area is 20 square feet. Miles of important economic land are covered by wetlands.

You can go boating, riding, or walking amidst lush nature at Muthurajawela Wetland, which is only a short distance from Colombo. Muthurajawela, one of the best places to see birds around Colombo, has an abundance of breeding-friendly marsh that attracts a wide diversity of bird species. During a boat tour, you might come across animals including monkeys, crocodiles, mongooses, and monitor lizards.

Day 2: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

After a hearty breakfast, head northeast through the picturesque landscape, primarily composed of rubber plantations, tiny towns, and coconut farms. The road gets less and less populated as you go along, the surroundings get greener, and the country features get more noticeable. The expedition comes to an end when it arrives to the Cultural Triangle, one of Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist destinations with hundreds of ancient sites.

It all started in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, where it has flourished for tens of thousands of years. The only surviving examples of this ancient civilization’s magnificence are its exquisite historical buildings. Sadly, the advanced technology and wisdom of the ancients appear to have disappeared overnight and have not been transmitted to the present generation.

One of the most advanced water management systems ever devised by humans was present in this ancient society. They built massive tanks the size of many football fields, and they used painstakingly built, hundreds of km long, low-gradient canals to transfer water from one tank to another. Their paintings were made by skilled craftsmen in antiquity and retain their natural colour palette. Some of their structures are as big as the Giza Pyramids.

The Mineriya tank

The cultural triangle reads the first part of Sri Lankan history, which spans from the third century BC to the mediaeval era. Most important evidence of Sinhalese civilization is found in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, which consists of the country’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Kandy).

There are monuments strewn around every historical site, and it’s easy to find beautiful walks around them. There are even museums in some of the old cities that house historical artefacts associated with that particular site.

Spend the night in Anuradhapura following your tour of the most ancient location and historic city, which takes many hours to explore.

Stay the night at a hotel in Anuradhapura

Visiting temples, going on day trips to Dambulla, Sigiriya, and Polonnaruwa, and hiring a car with a driver are examples of travel and leisure activities in Sri Lanka.
Among the well-known tourist spots on this 5-nights itinerary for Sri Lanka are the tooth relic shrine, the Dambulla golden temple, and the Sigiriya rock castle. This six-day private tour also includes the breathtaking hill country of Sri Lanka. Travellers will get the chance to explore Sri Lanka’s abundant wildlife while on a safari.

Day 3: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

After breakfast, travel through the Ritigala forest to Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa to see the historic city of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya’s rock stronghold. A full day could be spent by enthusiastic hillwalkers seeing the ancient city of Polonnaruwa (2 hours) and scaling the Sigiriya rock castle (3 hours). King Kashyapa resided in Sigiriya, a monolithic rock that was turned into a permanent royal residence complete with palaces, guardhouses, moats, fountains, and well-kept gardens. An engineering marvel, the Sigiriya rock fortification bears some similarities to the Mesopotamian hanging cities.


Tucked away in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, Polonnaruwa is located 216 km from Colombo. With hundreds of visitors every day, the mediaeval city of Polonnaruwa is one of the most popular tourist locations on the island. From the 10th to the 11th century AD, Polonnaruwa was the capital and seat of administration for the monarchs of Sri Lanka.

During its peak, Polonnaruwa’s bounds housed a number of Hindu religious buildings, including meditation centres, Stupas, Dagobas, temples, and Ayurvedic hospitals. Gardens and parks were added to the city’s aesthetic appeal. Complex water management system was developed to guarantee water supply for the city. The Parakrama Samudra, or Sea of Parakrama, provided the water required for the city and the farmlands around it.

Parakrama Samudra

The massive artificial lake known as Parakrama Samudra was built in the twelfth century by King Parakramabahu. The construction of the 5940-hectare lake was one of the biggest irrigation projects carried out by the ancient Kings.

Kings Palace

The citadel housed King Parakramabahu’s formal home, which featured seven stories and a thousand rooms, as well as his administrative complex. In the twelfth century, King Parakramabahu, one of the most pious rulers of Sri Lanka, oversaw the island nation. The King created new lakes and canals, renovated antiquated irrigation systems, built Buddhist temples, and significantly aided in the development of the nation. The King had built an almost one-meter-thick rampart around the fortress. The rampart was decorated with stone carvings.

A set of stairs leads to the royal bath in the easternmost area of the city, directly outside the citadel. There was a small pavilion attached to the stone bath, which was assumed to have been the changing area. It was beautifully ornamented.

Gal Vihara

Located on the outskirts of the city, Gal Vihara, also called Uttararama, is a Buddhist temple featuring four massive rock Buddha sculptures. Built in the 12th century AD, this Buddhist temple was designed by King Parakramabahu.


A Dagoba, a type of pre-colonial Sri Lankan architecture, was built during King Nissankamalla’s reign, and a circular relic chamber was built around it. King Parakramabahu built the relic chamber known as Hatadage to house the Buddha’s priceless tooth.

Stay the night at a hotel in Polonnaruwa or Sigiriya

Day 4: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

Begin with a scenic 75-kilometer drive through Sri Lanka’s hill country along the A9 main route from Sigiriya to Kandy. Stop at the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple to see the hundreds of Buddha sculptures and murals stored in five spacious, original caverns. The temple is located where, in the first century BC, King Walagambahu fled from the chaos brought on by an invasion from south India. The King was protected from assailants by the monks who hid him in the bush. Later, with his backing, the temple was built when the King regained his popularity.

After visiting the Dambulla Golden Temple, visitors can learn about the valuable spices that are harvested on the island by taking a guided walking tour of a spice garden. You will also get to tour one of the important Hindu temples on the way from Spice Garden to Kandy. After that, you are driven by our driver guide to the Kandy hotel where you spend the night. The guests will have time for lunch at the hotel and a quick snooze before heading out for the city tour of Kandy.

The rest of the day is dedicated to exploring Kandy, a stunning city with a plethora of well-liked tourist attractions. In the afternoon, there’s a Kandyan cultural show to watch, and then there’s a visit to the temple that houses the tooth relic. The Tooth Relic Temple, Kandy Lake, and Royal Botanical Garden are the three most important landmarks in Kandy, and most Kandy city tours include these.

Stay the night at a hotel in Kandy

Day 5: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

Travel through the hill country till the elevation difference from sea level disappears. See the breathtaking beaches during the day, and then make your way back to the west coast via the lovely tea gardens. Driving through the breathtaking mountain scenery of Sri Lanka’s hill country, which is situated between Nuwara Eliya and the Indian Ocean, would be an amazing experience. You will pass Devon Fall and St. Clair’s tea estate on the Nuwara Eliya–Colombo highway. You will have lunch at the Eco-resort of estate Hotel.

Go on winding down the steep, narrow road that connects the western lowlands and central hills so you can sunbathe slowly and get a beautiful tan.

Wander along the palm-lined, pristine beaches of Bentota, then savour a delicious mixed seafood platter accompanied by a drink of arrack, the nation’s working class preferred alcoholic beverage. You can spend the rest of your free time swimming in the Indian Ocean’s blue waters and lounging on the white sand beaches.

There are lots of walking choices in this area, which lies further inland from the shore and features a large expanse of wooded terrain, mountain peaks, and little hamlets. A thrilling and daring day can be ensured for lovers of water sports by kayaking, surfing, boating, diving, snorkelling, and various other water sports. The beaches are a haven for people seeking leisure activities; sip arrack drinks at a beach bar, indulge in seafood from the area, and browse locally manufactured jewellery, clothing, souvenirs, and gemstones.

Spend the evening on the fifth day of your six-day itinerary in Bentota in a hotel.

Day 6: five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

On the last day of the six-day sri Lanak trip, see the main tourist attractions of Sri Lanka by visiting its southern coast, which has wildlife reserves, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and a town.
After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, go towards Colombo. The travellers may stop at many places along the way inorder to visit interesting attractions. Todays progran of southern Sri Lanka includes visits to the Madu Estuary, Hikkaduwa Beach, and the Galle fortress. If the tourists’ flight departs from Mattala or Colombo, they may opt for an early transport to the airport.

End of the five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka

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