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Nuwara Eliya is a hilly country town in Sri Lanka’s. This is an ideal place for cultivating tea due to its high elevation and fresh temperature. Large tea plantations and tea houses can be found here. When visiting Nuwara Eliya, it is essential to learn more about the tea process. The easiest way to accomplish this is to visit one of these tea estates. In this blog, I will tell you more about our visit to the tea farms in Sri Lanka, as well as provide you some advice on how to go on a tea tour!

Nuwara Eliya’s tea plantations

When we get into the tuk-tuk, it starts to rain. Today, our driver drives us to two distinct tea estates, the first of which is around 30 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. As I drive through the rolling countryside, the rain ceases and the sun peeks out. The tea fields are similar to those in the Champagne region of France. Large letters indicate which house owns the plantation in question. The majority of the houses have traditional British or Scottish names.

Tea Bush Teahouse Factory Tour

The Tea House Tea Bush is our first stop. Hansi, our tour guide, a jovial Sri Lankan lady, walks us around the factory. We get to observe the tea process in action, including how green tea leaves are transformed into drinkable tea via the procedures of withering (drying), rolling, fermenting, oxidizing, drying again, sorting, and bulk packing. Tea Bush tea is a white-label beverage that is not sold under its own name in stores or supermarkets. All tea is delivered in bulk bags to an auction house in Colombo or London and sold to tea firms that brand it and sell it in supermarkets, for example.
Did you know that a young Scotsman named James Taylor introduced tea to Sri Lanka in 1867? Most plantations grew coffee during this time. When the fungus decimated the coffee plants, tea became the predominant crop.

Did you know that expert tea tasters always sample the tea while it is standing?

It’s time to eat after the fascinating trip. Nine different teas are sampled, including silver tea, golden tea, and English breakfast tea. My favorite tea is golden tea, which is made from a different plant than green or black tea. It is slightly sweeter and less potent than black tea. Ries and I head to the tasting room’s balcony while the tea is being removed. We’ll be treated to a stunning vista of the Ramboda waterfalls. Furthermore, we observe a building next to the factory with a similar view.

The waterfall at Ramboda

Our driver asks whether we want to see the Ramboda waterfall when we get back in the tuk-tuk. We’re not going to say no to that. So, a few minutes later, we’re at the base of a stunning 100-meter-high waterfall. There are several waterfalls in Sri Lanka, each one more gorgeous than the last. This is unquestionably worthwhile.

Adma Argo’s Strawberry Farm

Adma Argo’s strawberry farm is a shortstop, but one that I suggest to everyone. This is Sri Lanka’s only strawberry farm, and you may buy a variety of strawberry-related things here. We chose strawberry juice and can honestly say that we have never had a more delightful drink! It comes highly recommended! Strawberry sweets, jam, and pancakes are also available.

Damro tea farms are the final stop.

The tea house is our final destination. The beauty of this plantation is that you can wander through the tea fields. As a result, you can view the tea leaves up close. The tea plantation appears to be more commercial; it is vast and popular with tourists. However, you can also take a free tour and sample some tea here. We arrived back at our hotel around half past one in the afternoon, having had a wonderful morning!

Practical facts regarding our tea plantation visit.

This tea plantation tour in Nuwara Eliya is not an official tour but rather a popular activity. We just inquired at our hotel (Blandford Bungalow) about arranging a tuk-tuk ride to some tea plantations. And that is instantly arranged. The tuk-tuk driver cost us Rs2000, which was equivalent to 10 euros. The tea estates, like the tea tastings, are free. The waterfall is also free to visit. We were on the road for 3.5 hours in total. You can easily do this on a scooter, but keep in mind the weather. The weather is rapidly changing in the Highlands.

Practical advice for planning a trip to Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is in the mountains of Sri Lanka, in the center of the island. The city is distinct from the rest of Sri Lanka. Founded by the English as a hunting destination for English settlers on vacation,. There is still a lot of English influence here. There is a historic post office, beautiful golf courses, and houses that appear to be straight out of London.

How long are you planning to stay in Nuwara Eliya?

If you are visiting Nuwara Eliya for the tea plantations, you will only need two days to tour the city. You will need additional time if you wish to explore the Horton Plains from Nuwara Eliya (to climb World’s End, a mountain) or do a night trip to Adam’s Peak. In that situation, I recommend staying three to four nights.

In Nuwara Eliya, where do you sleep?

Nuwara Eliya features a number of fine hotels, most of which are in the English style. Prices are significantly higher than in the rest of Sri Lanka, but they are still reasonable. We may offer several great cheap guesthouses and more expensive hotels below.

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