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Day 1

Time : 6:00 am


Meet and greet by Seerendipity tours representative (06.00) and drive for Yala. En-route visits,


The ancient port city of Galle has a history that stretches back hundreds of years. According to Sir James tenant, Galle was the “Tarshish” referred to in the Bible as the port where ships trading with King Solomon obtained gemstones, ivory, spices and scented woods. Most certainly the place where the Galle fort now stands, as well as other areas in Galle all had historic connections which go back long before the Portuguese era. International traders, Persians, moor traders from the Persian Gulf, south Indian trader, Malay and a host of other nationalities lived and traded In Galle.

Sea turtle Conservation project

The first stop on this trip is the sea turtle conservation centre, which is run by a non-governmental organization. You can witness many species of endangered sea turtles here you will be educated about sea turtles by the volunteers gathering here from all around the world.

Madu River Estaury

Bentota river is one of the most popular attraction on the west coast and popular river for boat trips. Here you can witness a large tract of mangrove forest as well as many species of animals such as crocodile, monkey, snakes, lizard etc.

Hikkaduwa beach and marine sanctuary

Glass bottom boat tour lasts about 30 minutes giving you the opportunity to witness the fascinating underwater world of Hikkaduwa, which is home to a large number of exotic fish species as well as a coral reef.

Kataragama temple

Kataragama temple Held in awe by Buddhists, Hindus & Muslims

Kataragama, the domain of God Skanda (Lord Murugan Katirkaman, Kadirkamam, Subrahmanya, Kandasamy, Kadiradeva, Katiradeva, Katiravel, Karttikeya, and Tarakajith) located in the Deep South of Sri Lanka, adjoining the popular Ruhuna Yala National Park and ancient Sithulpawwa Buddhist Monastery, is a multi-religious sacred city that contains a Buddhist temple, Hindu shrine and Islamic Mosque. Kataragama, one of the solosmasthana (Sinhala: 16 principal sites of Buddhist pilgrimage), features in the history since the era of King Dutugamunu (161-137 BC), the Hero of the Nation. Mahawamsa, the great historical chronicle of Sri Lanka reveals the participation of warriors of Kshatriyas clan from Kataragama on the occasion of the arrival of the Bo sapling of Bodhi Tree, under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya (Gaya district of the modern Bihar state of India), was brought to the city of Anuradhapura 2,300 years ago.

Mask musuem

Just before the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary you will be stopping at the mast musuem and Moon stone mines in Ambalangoda.

Stilt fishermen

An unique art of fishing practised only in southern Sri Lanka. The fishermen sit on a pole planed on the sea bed and keep fishing with their fishing rods while having bird eye view on the below water surface,

Over night stay in Yala>

Day 2

Time : 5:00 am


Early morning leave for your full-day Safari at Yala national park.

Yala National Park

Yala is considered to be one of the oldest national parks in Sri Lanka same time it is the biggest national park in Sri Lanka with 97880 hectares extent. Initially, it was used as a hunting ground during the British rule in Sri Lanka. It is said people had to pay for the hunting in Yala. As the number of animals drastically reduced due to hunting, Yala is declared as a national park in 1900 and became a safe place for animals.

Yala is the second biggest national park is divided into 5 zones. Yala is holding a prominent place as far as biodiversity is a concern. Yala is a famous high density of wildlife such as Leopards, Elephants, Deer, Wild boar, Bear, monkey’s etc.

Yala is considered to be one of the best places to witness leopards in the world. There were 17 ½ leopards in every 100 square kilometres in Yala national park. Block 1 of Yala National park could be home to the densest population of leopards in the world, the densities in this tiny area has maintained around a leopard every 2 sq. kilometres. Unlike most other national parks where leopards can be seen in dark Sri Lanka leopards are in the move during the day as well.

After the Safari leave for hotel in Colombo

............................End of the tour..........................

  1. :

    Very short trip of Sri Lanka but extreamly interesting with many dozens of interesting attractions.

  2. :

    Would highly recommend. Our tour guide Sam was amazing, saw so much in the few days and had lots of fun. Perfect for everyone.

  3. :

    Cannot fault Seerendipity from start to finish the booking process to your guide, location to name a few! If you have any doubt choose Seerendipity!

  4. :

    Tour is interetsing. but fully packed and there is hardly anytime to relax.

  5. :

    We were basically on a beach tour and decided to take this short trip to break the routine beach stay. It was fantastic with wildlife and cultural places.

  6. :

    Wonderful trip with a wonderful local guide. Wouldn’t change a thing. Would love to travel with gihan again

  7. :

    Had an amazing time on this trip.

  8. :

    Excellent service and trip throughout, very professional and very reasonably priced

  9. :

    Great Sri Lanka trip around sri Lanka’s southern part. Wonderful sights, great experiences, good food and well looked after.

  10. :

    We had a full day magical safari on a Jeep and really enjoyed it. Our guide picked us from Colombo and took us to the Yala Park. Along the way, we had looked into pristine beaches, Madu estuary, Galle fort and many other places. We were lucky to spot 2 leopards, dozens of elephants, a couple of deers, monitors, buffaloes, crocodiles and jackal and few other creatures. I think it is pretty easy to spot wild animals here, perhaps because the park is small compared to many other big players in Africa. However, It’s a nice well kept spacious park. If I ever return to Sri Lanka again I’ll make sure we get a few days to explore this area.

  11. :

    This 2 days tour was fantastic and mainly the wildlife tour was simply unforgettable. Pask was not crowded as usual. We saw elephants, leopards, mongooses, wild boar, water buffalo, crocodiles and lots of beautiful birds.

  12. :

    Peaceful surrounding beautiful lake Nice sunset and add to it the excitement of leopard elephant and deer’s. Even though it was a full day safari, we were not lucky enough to spot a bear. Highly recommended the tour with seerendipity!

  13. :

    Excellent 2 days with Jagath, our driver/guide.

  14. :

    It is not long since the park is opened after the COVID-19 lockdown. We just concluded our safari trip and had a very memorable experience. Our guide Saman and driver Sakur was simply wonderful, kind and a very patient and good driver. He did a good job of staying away from the crowd as we took different routes where it was just us for most of the time. The result was an unforgettable experience…highly recommended.

  15. :

    Highly impressed with the trip arrangements. Very good guide and the tour was excellent with him. We were lucky to visit most major tourist places within 2 days. I hear that usually, tour operators offer Yala safari and Galle trip separately, however, we could visit both places in one trip and saved a lot of time and money too. Our driver was wonderful, the guides were perfect, food was great, We saw lots and lots of animals, especially 2 Leopards.

  16. :

    Wildlife safari was excellent with plenty of time to search for animals. Our Jeep driver was good and he had an idea of where to go in search of animals. Good hotel withing the jungle, comfortable and good food too.

  17. :

    Initially, we thought of doing a safari at Yala but my wife suggested me to book 2 days trip seerendipity so that we could also see other major tourist places in south. I’m glad we opted for it with seerendipity. Highly valuable trip with lost interesting places. We saw mant wild animals in the park such as leopards, elephants, many beautiful birds.

  18. :

    Despite the full day trip, we could see only 1 leopard that was on a tree, could not make an even a proper photo.

  19. :

    We saw many elephants but no leopard, they were hiding unfortunately

  20. :

    It was great with a closer look at leopards. I never had such a nice experience watching at leopards so closely. Our jeep driver was very good and took us on an interesting jungle track and showed us a lot of animals.

  21. :

    A very knowledgeable and helpful guide, unfortunately, we had not seen a leopard

  22. :

    The driver was good and the tour was good but the safari jeep was old did not like it much, Our guide Saman was excellent and he had a very comfortable sedan.

  23. :

    Excellent trip

  24. :

    Excellent break for our beach holiday, a bit of nature, wildlife and culture. Nice hotel and good food. Our Guide Kusum was a very good and very funny guy.

  25. :

    An excellent trip worth every penny. Very good guide (Silva) with a lot of experience.

  26. :

    I’m glad we took teh 2 days Yala trip rather than other options. It has a nice blend of cultural, wildlife, beaches. I feel sorry that I could not spend a little bit more time on teh southern coast beaches. Our guide Charam was very good and helpful.

  27. :

    Very good trip

  28. :

    We wanted to see leopards, that was our main intention and we were able to spot 2 leopards. We had seen many other wild animals such as elephants, deer, wild boar, jackal and many other creatures with leopard

  29. :

    Excellent trip, very well organized

  30. :

    We were staying in Bentota and we had already done the Bentota bot tour begore the 2 days trip. The local company was generous to refund us some money that they would spend for Bentota river trip because we did not want to do the Bentota river trip with them. Very good trip with wildlife, beaches, interesting landscape. Fernando was a very good guide and very knowledgeable.

  31. :

    Nice trip but we just missed the leopard pair

  32. :

    Very well organized trip with very informative and experienced guide (Fernando)

  33. :

    Travelling on a bumpy road in the wildlife reserve was a bit strenuous but it was a very different yet interesting activity. We were so lucky to see a large number of animals during the day. Our jeep driver was very experienced and it seems like he already knew where the animals are roaming in the park.

  34. :

    The two days with an excellent blend of tourist places like wildlife reserves, pristine beaches, temples and beautiful village. Our guide Malan was very good and helpful.

  35. :

    A very nice short trip

  36. :

    Perfect match for our layover in Colombo

  37. :

    Fully packed trip with many interesting activities, if there had been more time to leisure it could have been.

  38. :

    Excellent 2 days trip, however, it is like being on a one week trip because we have seen a lot.

  39. :

    A fully packed trip with a large number of places to visit and activities to do, however, Fernando (our guide) is very experienced and knowledgeable guide completed teh trip with our any hitch.

  40. :

    I never thought that we could have visited that much of places within 2 days. But our guide Dilva was very good and experienced managed to visit all places. very well organized trip.

  41. :

    Fully packed 2 days trip, you have not time to waste

  42. :

    Excellent beaches, wildlife reserve, boating, museums, Galle fort and everything is packed into 2 days. Excelklent vehicle, good guide, nice hotel and delicious food.

  43. :

    Excellent 2 days of our Sri Lanka trip with a nice and friendly guide/driver. Kusum was very polite and very caring and always assisting us to have a memorable trip. Yala safari was fantastic experince and the picknick local lunch (rice and curry) was delicious, which we had on the beach with our guide and jeep driver.

  44. :

    What was a majocal moment to see 2 leopards lying by the side of the road. Crocodile, elephants, deer, bear we were lucky to spot most animals in the park.

  45. :

    Very good choice for nature lovers.

  46. :

    This was our first trip with Seerendipity and it was great experince

  47. :

    We were very lucky to spot most major animals in the park before the lunch and leisurely make our return journey to the hotel bit early.

  48. :

    After reaching teh hotel bit early on the 1st day we had a leisure walk in the surrounding areas of our hotel with Sama. We were suprised to see the natural beauty of the area with huge lake full of water, rice paddies, stupas, temple and every where it is lush green vegetation. Our guide sam voluntarily organized it and we enjoyed the village tour lit.

  49. :

    Excellent one day trip

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