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Udawalawe Sri Lanka Adventure Tour With Hill Country And Beach

Venturing on this 4 days Sri Lanka Adventure Tour enables you to explore the rich natural wealth of Sri Lankan hill country while indulging yourself in the hill country salubrious climate. The tour package includes several adventure activities such as kayaking, whitewater rafting and trekking with a safari at Udawalawe national park. This tour is a private tour, means you have the full independence and private tour. There will be no other travellers in your vehicle and everything on the trip happen at your own pace. You can customize this tour package or combine with other holiday packages offered by us.

Day 1-Sri Lanka Adventure Tour – Kandy

Meet and greet by Seerendipity tours representative and proceed to hotel in Kitulgala, en-route visit Pinnawala elephant orphanage and spice garden. The drive from the airport or Kitulgala takes about 5 hours, however, it would take only 2 hours if you land on the island in the early morning.

Kandy is a tourist hot spot on the island and therefore we have included Kandy in this Sri Lanka Adventure Tour. Most tourist attractions of the hill country are located in and around Kandy, however, in this Sri Lanka Adventure Tour, we cover most important tourist attractions due to the time constraints.

Pinnawala elephant orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, the foster – home of elephants of different age and size feeding, bathing, playing together and even mating. The elephant orphanage of Pinnawala was established in 1975, in order to provide refuge to the orphan baby elephants found in the jungle. Same times the elephant orphanage provides shelter to the sick and old animal that are not able to live their own in the jungle. Today the elephant herd at Pinnawala is the biggest herd of tamed elephant in the world; however, none of the animals is being used for commercial purposes.


A ruled in Kandy up to 1815 although the rest of the island was under the British regime. Finally, it was ceded to them by the Chieftains of Kandy who were disappointed over the king’s cruel deeds. Today Kandy is one of the most important cities owing to the presence of the Temple of the sacred tooth of the Buddha. Visit Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy enjoys a typical Sri Lankan Cultural Show of Drumming Dancing music and fire walking.

Temple of the tooth relic

Sri Dalada Maligawa better known and the temple of the tooth relic is the most sacred Buddhist institution on the island and sits beside the Kandy Lake in the central province of Sri Lanka. Tooth relic temple is in the city of Kandy, 115 km from Colombo. The tooth relic is housed in the royal palace complex of Kandy.

The tooth relic was delivered to the King of Sri Lanka in the 2nd century BC, since then, the tooth relic has been a major subject to the people, most importantly it was the single most important element to prove the legitimacy of Sri Lanka’s kingship, and every king had to firm grip on the tooth relic. Kandy was the last bastion of Sri Lankan kings, which was ceded to the British army in 1815 by chieftains. Afterwards, the country was under the rule of the British crown until 1948.

Spice garden

Visit a spice garden at Matale where spices and herbs used for Sri Lankan cuisine and medication are grown Spices of Sri Lanka attracted the early seafaring merchants who made the long voyages to purchase this precious merchandise.

Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden of Peradeniya was a pleasure garden of a Kandyan King of the 16th Century and later made into a Botanical Garden during the British regime. Peradeniya botanical garden is considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The garden is visited by thousands of foreign and well as local travellers every day. The botanical garden of Peradeniya is part of most Sri Lanka tours such as Sri Lanka Adventure Tour, and it is nice place to have leisurely walk amidst large collection of flora. Overnight stay in Kandy

Day 2- Sri Lanka Adventure Tour- Kitulgala

After having the breakfast at your hotel in Kandy you will be moving to Kitulgala, which is you’re base on day 2 of this Sri Lanka Adventure Tour. The group will be staying only 1 night in Kitulgala before moving to Udawalawe next day.  Kitulgala is not far from Kandy; however, the journey might take around 2 hours due to the sharp bends and mountainous terrain.


Today the Program includes rainforest trekking, whitewater rafting and kayaking in the adventure playground of Sri Lanka better known as Kitulgala. If you Google about the adventure activities in Sri Lanka you might have read about Kitulgala already. Because Kitulgala and adventure activities are one unit and they go hand in hand.

Kitulgala is remote, underdeveloped and a laid-back city in the western province of Sri Lanka, however, it has emerged as an important region for the tourism industry, due to the abundance of natural resources such as mountains, waterfalls, rivers, streams, caves and Rainforests. These ingredients have been able to transform Kitulgala into a fully-fledged adventure holiday destination on the island. Moreover, the Kitulgala is one of the best places for nature lovers to spot a large number of trees plants as well as avian fauna species.

Kitulgala is coming under the wet zone of Sri Lanka and records very high early rainforest.  The extensive forest cover is the primary reason for its wet weather. Kitulgala had been the venue where the Academy Award-winning, the bridge on the river Quai was filmed. The base of the bridge, which is made of concrete and granite, is still can be seen.


The white water rafting in Kitulgala is ranked as a 2nd-grade white water rafting, therefore it is suitable for well experienced as well as novice adventure lovers. The activity id offered to anyone more than 10 years old. There are 4 major rapids and 5 minor rapids in Kitulgala, while the distance to be covered is 5 around km. The river is located just bordering the Kitulgala forest hence view from the river is picturesque. Overnight stay in Kitulgala

Day 3- Sri Lanka Adventure Tour- Udawalawe

On the 3rd day of the Sri Lanka adventure tour, you are about to experience an unforgettable wildlife encounter at the Udawalawe national park. Udawalawe national park is one of the best places to witness wild elephants, it is possible to see a large herd of wild jumbos here, in some cases hundreds of them gathering near the lake. Apart from the elephant, deer, crocodile, monkeys, wild buffalo, bear, mongoose and jackal are the most witnessed animals here.

Tea Factory

Visit a Tea Plantation and a Tea Factory en-route. Tea is a major export product of Sri Lanka and the tea produces on the island is been sold under the brand “Ceylon Tea”, now you know where is the best tea of the world coming from. Today you have the opportunity to see the production process of a Tea factory and can taste a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea.

Udawalawe national park

Udawalawe national park spreads over 30,800 hectares (119.00 sq mi) and primarily an evergreen dry-zone forest. Udawalawe national park harbours a large number of animals and it is an important catchment area of Sabaragamuwa province. The national park of Udawalawe is 165 kilometres from Colombo.

Udawalawe National Park swings along the Udawlawe Lake and which is most recent wildlife reserve on the island. The beginning of Udawalawe national park goes back to 1972; it was initiated to provide shelter to wild animals in the area under development project of Udawalawe.  The development project was launched in order to create a new farming village in the forested area and Making Udawalawe reservoir was another major objective of the project, in which a large tract of jungle submerged and all wild animals that lived in the submerged area were directed to the Udawalawe national park. Overnight stay in Udawalawe

Day 4- Sri Lanka Adventure Tour- Bentota

The last day of the Sri Lanka adventure tour, you drive along the west coast beaches of Sri Lanka. The journey will dominate by the scenery of coastal belt, big contrast against whet you have experience on this Sri Lanka adventure tour so far.  Fishing villages, fish markets, fishing boats, pristine beaches, torque water, beach resorts, many foreign tourist and hotels are very common on this route. There are few activities planned for today’s program and the tour will end at around 05.00 PM in Colombo. However, this tour itinerary is fully customisable and you can make the changes by talking to our representative.

Madu River estuary

The bio-diversity of the Madu River is of monumental signification when considering the wide ranges of aquatic and avian life as well as wetland dwelling amphibians, reptiles, mammals that inhabit the environs of this natural treasure. A total of 11 species of agnatic molluscs and 14 land dwelling molluscs are found in this system.

The rich biodiversity of Madu river estuary takes all visitors by surprise. The boat tour takes around 2 hours and during this period the travellers are able to experience the rich mangrove forest along the river bank and spot many species of animals such as monitors, crocodile, monkey and also many species of Birds such as Brahmin kite, fish eagle, and cormorant. 31 species of reptiles, 70 species of fish, and 50 different species of butterflies are discovered in the area, while the number of avian fauna species recorded in the Madu river estuary exceeds more than 110.


Bentota beach is the most popular beach holiday destination on the island. The unique location of Bentota beach resort is one important reason for its popularity as a beach holiday destination. Bentota resort is located on an island and the island is connected with the mainland at its southern border. Bentota is mainly comprised of the narrow strip of land that spreads along the north-south axis. Unlike most other islands, Bentota is surrounded by both the sea and a river. One side of the island is the Bentota River while the western side of Bentota is flanked by the Indian Ocean. Large numbers of hotels are built in this narrow strip of land enabling the travellers to have a peaceful atmosphere during the holiday. You can reserve a hotel in Bentota through Seerendipity Tours at very affordable rate online.

Turtle conservation centre

Projects have been launched to conserve the population of turtles that are reaching extinction and such projects are found along the southern coast of Sri Lanka where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The turtle digs a hole on the Beach, Lays hers eggs and covers it with sand where it is supposed to, incubated by the heat of the sun. But mostly these eggs are dug out by people living in the coastal areas and sell them to consumers.

But now the eggs are bought up by the conservation projects and are hatched the natural way in enclosed areas where the birds don’t have a chance of picking them up and the babies release to the sea after about 2 days at night.


The ancient port city of Galle has a history that stretches back hundreds of years. According to Sir James tenant, Galle was the “Tarshish” referred to in the Bible as the port where ships trading with King Solomon obtained gemstones, ivory, spices and scented woods. Most certainly the place where the Galle fort now stands, as well as other areas in Galle all had historic connections which go back long before the Portuguese era. International traders, Persians, moor traders from the Persian Gulf, south Indian trader, Malay and a host of other nationalities lived and traded in Galle.

End of the Sri Lanka adventure tour

Please get in touch with us for more information on this Sri Lanka adventure tour or changes if you need

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