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Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Tour

This 3 days Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour is one of the best opportunities to see all major historical sites on a trip. These 5 sites are the most important historical places in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. The cultural triangle tour takes you to many important places with historical and natural importance, and the tour includes 5 of the seven UNESCO world heritage sites on the island namely; Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura while wildlife reserves, lakes, and remote hamlets are places to explore with activities such as wildlife safari, visiting the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala.

Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour starts in Colombo or at any other places convenient place of your choice, but the pick-up location should be within Colombo if the pick-up location is far from Colombo there will be a supplement charge for the transfer.

The pick-up location and time will not affect the tour at all, because this is a private tour and vehicle is reserved only for your group. You will not be a part of a big coach, having a private vehicle for the tour means that you can enjoy the tour while having maximum privacy, the tour will run at your pace.

An air-conditioned modern vehicle will be allocated for the tour and the same vehicle with the same chauffeur guide will be allocated until you finish the entire circuit.

Places you visit on this trip


  • Touring Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle.
  • Experience Sri Lanka’s historical and cultural heritage while visiting thousands of years old monuments.
  • Cycling through the ancient monuments in Polonnaruwa.
  • Kandy sightseeing tour with Kandyan cultural show, gem museum, silk garden.
  • Take a 360-degree panoramic view from the summit of Sigiriya rock fortress.
  • Walking through the Spice Garden while learning about herbal trees and plants and spices.
  • Walk in the Tea plantations and Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya, Victoria Park and many more.
  • Wildlife safari of Minneriya national park in search of wild elephants, crocodiles, bear and other wild creatures with local guide and driver.
  • Walking tour of Pinnawala elephant orphanage.
  • Walkthrough the trees, plants and veins as well as the orchid house of Peradeniya garden.

Trip Includes

  • Accommodation for 2 nights in standard hotels.
  • Daily breakfast (2 breakfasts), starting from day 2.
  • Daily Dinner (2 Dinners), starting from day 1.
  • Entrance fees and activity cost for below,
    • Dambulla cave temple
    • Sigiriya rock fortress
    • Pinnawala elephant orphanage
    • Temple of the tooth relic
    • Minneriya safari
    • Spice garden
    • Kandy sightseeing tour
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Pick-up and drop-off from the airport or hotel in Colombo
    • Kandyan cultural show
    • Royal botanical garden.
  • Meeting arrangements at the airport on arrival and departure.
  • Entire ground transportation as per the itinerary in a modern air-conditioned vehicle.
  • The above are Nett and include all government taxes.


  • Sigiriya Village hotel (1 night).
  • Oakray regency hotel-Kandy (1 night).

Trip Excludes

  • Expenses of personal nature such as tipping, porters, laundry, telephones, etc.

Book now & pay later

Reserve your tour now and pay when you meet us. Send us the duly filled tour booking form, we will arrange your tour and you can make the payment as you meet us on the first day of the trip.

Important Information:

The time predicted to travel between cities may be varied depending on the traffic. If you have any time constraints, due to the departure flights, appointment etc, please inform us in advance, so that we can plan your Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour accordingly.

Please contact us at least a day before your Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour, so we can easily arrange our vehicles and guides. We do arrange hotel pick up from 40+ hotels for this trip. We do cover all hotels on the western and southern coast as well as Colombo airport.

The Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour can be booked with luxury accommodation as well as economical accommodations. The tour can be booked with 5-star hotels, four-star hotels, three-star hotels... however the standard tour package planned with four-star compatible hotel accommodations. You will be notified the hotel name before finalizing the Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour. The rate can make a notable difference across difference hotels categories.

Trip Map

What are the most important places of  Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour?

  • Anuradhapura

  • Polonnaruwa

  • Sigiriya

  • Kandy

  • Dambulla

  • Minneriya wildlife reserve

Visiting Anuradhapura

You will visit Anuradhapura on the first day of this Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour. Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka and darting back to 3rd century B.C. According to the historical information, Anuradhapura played the role, the capital of Sri Lanka, for many centuries, since it's inception in 3rd century BCE. However, as the fame of this flourishing city grew exponentially, it became a target of south Indian invaders, whom it is easy to access Anuradhapura from south India, and which led a never-ceasing Indian invasion.

The city was equipped with palaces, temple complexes, gardens, hospitals and living quarters for people. Today the city is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its cultural and historical importance. You will be accompanied to dozens of important historical sites in Anuradhapura and our historian will you a full report to you about these important historical sites.

Now it is time to move to one of the tourist hotspots on the island, Sigiriya rock fortress, However, the visit to the Sigiriya rock fortress is scheduled to next day due to the time constraints. The journey from Anuradhapura to Sigiriya takes around 30  minutes. The first day of the Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour come to the end with check-in to your hotel in Sigiriya.

Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa with Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour

On the second day of the tour, you will visit Sigiriya rock fortress. Sigiriya rock fortress is another important historical site in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and visited by many thousands of travellers every week. The history of Sigiriya rock fortress dates back to 5th century AD, it had been a well-planned city with palaces, gardens, swimming pools, moats, ditches, walls and the fortress was built at the middle of the city.

At Sigiriya, the visitors can see the world-renowned Sigiriya frescoes and mirror wall. They can catch breathtaking sceneries on the surrounding area from the top of the rock. The upward climb to the pinnacle of the rock takes around 1 hour and the downward journey takes around 30 minutes.

Sigiriya rock, for whom is it suitable?

It is advisable to start the climb early morning to avoid the scorching heat in Sri Lanka's dry zone. The humidity is also very high here making a sweaty condition.  There is a great deal of walk-in Sigiriya and you have to climb a rock on well-laid stairs. Even though there is a well-laid stair the climb of the rock cab very tiring for some people, therefore the site is not recommended for pregnant ladies, old people as well as heart patients. It is a site recommended for travellers with good physical and mental fitness.

What to wear during the Sigiriya climb?

A pair of good shoes recommended for hiking makes it easy to climb 200 steps, however not essential.  A cotton t-short and pair of shorts is the best possible attires as it is warm and sweaty throughout the climb. Sigiriya is not a sacred site, therefore, you can wear a pair of shorts.

Visiting Polonnaruwa

After visiting the Sigiriya rock fortress you might be hungry and tired, so it is time to have the lunch or just a refreshment. In fact, there is a great deal of distance to cover on foot in Polonnaruwa historical city.

You will proceed to Polonnaruwa after a break, the second capital of Sri Lanka. After the downfall of Anuradhapura, the kings of Sri Lanka had chosen Polonnaruwa as the capital of Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa was the ruling capital of Sri Lanka for many decades, VijayabahuI, Parakramabahu and Nissannkamalla had been the noteworthy kings, who immensely contributed to the development of the city. Most historical monument such as Galvihara, Thuparama, Hetadage, Atadage at Polonnaruwa is attributed to these three kings.

Due to the invasions that took places in the latter period most of them were damaged.  Today Polonnaruwa is another important tourist attractions and a UNESCO world heritage site. Polonnaruwa city tour takes around 2 hours and doesn't forget to cist the Polonnaruwa museum.

There are many places to visit in Polonnaruwa and you come across image houses, palaces, dagobas, conference halls and many other places important places. Some of them are religious sites and you are required to have dressed at least covering your knees and shoulders. Please check our 2 articles Clothing & gear guide for Sri Lanka and Visiting a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka here are 9 rules to consider.

Wildlife safari at Minneriya national park

There is a great opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to explore Sri Lankan wild animals today. After Polonnaruwa, as you are coming across the Minneriya national park, here you can witness a large number of wild elephants. Wild buffaloes, monkeys, crocodile, wild boar, deer are some of the very common animals here. Minneriya is an optional activity and it can only be done if time permits you to do it.

By the time, you return to your hotel in Sigiriya it will be around 6.00 pm today. The hotel you are staying in a middle-class hotel with outdoor swimming pool. Maybe you can have a dip in the outdoor swimming pool in the hotel before heading to the restaurant. Ou you can sip a glass of wine or arrack (Sri Lankan alcoholic drink) at the bar.

Visiting Dambulla cave temple on Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour

On the 3rd of your Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour, you leave for Kandy after the breakfast from your hotel in Sigiriya. The first stop on the day is at Dambulla golden cave temple, which is only 20 minutes away from your hotel in Sigiriya. The temple is located about 300 meters above the ground. The visitors need to climb the rock on the staircase to reach the temple on the rock.  Dambulla golden cave temple is another UNESCO world heritage site in Sri Lanka. Here you can see hundreds of statues and wall painting, the temple is dating back to the 1st century BC.

After Dambulla golden cave temple the travellers proceed to the tooth relic temple of Kandy, which is another important historical site and a UNESCO world heritage site included in the Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour. The tooth relic temple is the most important Buddhist temple in Sri Lankan and left eye tooth of Buddha suppose to be residing here. The temple is visited by thousands of local and foreign visitors every day. Tooth relic temple is the last important cultural site in the Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour and it is time to proceed to Colombo.

After the Tooth relic temple, it is time to drive to Colombo, the journey will take around 3 hours and you have the opportunity to visit Pinnawala elephant orphanage on halfway down the track as you drive to Colombo. You are most welcome to visit it and see the biggest herd of tames elephants in the world.


Day 1

Time : 7:00 am


Arrive at Bandaranaike International Airport, meet & greet by "Seerendipity Tours" Representatives and proceed to the hotel in Sigiriya, En-route visit Anuradhapura historical site. The journey from Colombo to Anuradhapura takes around 5 hours. We estimate that you arrive Anburadhapuyea at around noon.

Anuradhapura city tour (3 hours)

After a leisurely lunch break, you explore the historical monument and you visit Srimahabodhi, Ruwanweli stupa, twin pond, Jetawanrama dagoba and many ancient monuments.

Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka dating back to 3rd century BC. It was the capital of Sri Lanka for more than 1000 years and the country was ruled by more than 100 kings and queens from Anuradhapura. Today an Anuradhapura is visited by local and foreign tourist. Buddhist temple, Palaces, Museums, Parks, and lakes are some of the important places to visit in the city.

After the city tour drive to the hotel in Sigiriya on A9 road the journey will take about 1 hour


Hotel gimanhala


No meals included today

Day 2

Time : 8:00 am


Breakfast at Hotel Leaves for the iconic Historical monument of Sigiriya rock fortress, the drive take around 30 minutes


Sigiriya is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world, which is dating back to 5th century AD. The Sigiriya was built by King Kashayapa and consisted of many parts such as Sigiriya water garden, Sigiriya fortress, Gallery with paintings, mirror wall with old scripts. The paintings of Sigiriya originated in the 5th century AD. The paintings are still in very good shape.

After climbing Sigiriya leave for the 2nd capital of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa. The journey will take around 1 hour, en-route stop for a break.


The Polonnaruwa city tour includes a visit to the Historical Museum and a visit to the ancient city.

The historical city of Polonnaruwa is the 2nd most important historical city in Sri Lanka. Many kings ruled the island from Polonnaruwa and 3 Buddhist kings namely Vijayabahu, Parakramabahu and Nissankamalla are the most important rules who rule the country from Polonnaruwa. Today Polonnaruwa houses a large number of temples, palaces, parks, hospitals and many other buildings of historical importance.


Minneriya national park safari is an optional activity and can be included to your Sri Lanka cultural triangle tour. The Minneriya safari lasts around 2 hours and you will be able to spot a large number such as wild elephants, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, wild buffaloes.

Minneriya national park is most popular to spot wild elephants and there is a chance of spotting large herds of wild elephants here. A large number of the wild elephant gathering is sighted in the grasslands of the park near the Minneriya tank. The herd of wild elephants exceeds several hundred in some instances.


Hotel gimanhala


Breakfast included

Day 3

Time : 7:00 am


After breakfast leave for Kandy en-route visit spice garden and Dambulla cave temple. (the journey takes around 1 hour)


Dambulla golden cave temple is another important historical site with religious importance. the temple is dating back to 1st century BC. The temple believed to have provided refuge to the King Walagambahu in the 1st century BC during a south Indian invasion. Later the King had built the temple after regaining his kingship. Today it is a Unesco world heritage site and harbours more than 100 statues. The ceiling and wall paintings of the temple cover more than 2100 square feet.


Spices is a very important commodity for the island for many centuries, even today spices help the island to earn a large amount of hard currency. The village of Matale holds the reputation as the centre of the spice trade. You will encounter many spice gardens here and you are able to visit one of them and learn about the local spices.


The temple of the tooth relic also an important world heritage site in Sri Lanka and houses the tooth relic of Buddha. The temple rises next to the Kandy lake and near the modern part of Kandy city. The temple is visited by thousands of foreign as well as local travellers every day.

Later proceed to Colombo (3 hours journey from Kandy to Colombo).


NO accommodation


Breakfast included

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