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What makes these layover tours in Colombo, Sri Lanka so exceptional, in your opinion?

  • Outstanding private excursions that provide a personalised encounter with a multitude of captivating tourist attractions in Colombo
  • The airport pickup
  • Meeting arrangement at the airport, which is a convenient feature.
  • Be the sole focus of a private driver guide from Sri Lanka.
  • No airport waiting time, irrespective of departure or arrival times; customizable pick-up times that can be adjusted to coincide with your arrival time;

Why limit your tour of Colombo to the duty-free area or food court when you have the opportunity to explore some of the city’s most captivating landmarks? Choose the plan that best accommodates your schedule. Explore the ancient sites of the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka, observe leopards and elephants on a Sri Lanka wildlife tour, have a beach holiday on the pristine, palm-lined beaches, indulge in fresh seafood, and rejuvenate your body and mind with an Ayurvedic massage. From the moment you arrive until you depart, your hassle-free tour includes everything. In fact, it is possible to personalise a schedule in accordance with one’s interests. Regardless of your decision, your personal guide will accompany you at every turn to ensure that your travels to Sri Lanka are authentic.

Where Should I Go and What Should I Do During My Layover in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan layovers in Mattala and Colombo

The international harbour in Colombo, the international airport in Bandaranayake, and the international airport in Mattala are the three principal entry ports into Sri Lanka. We often receive correspondence from readers with inquiries such as “What are some must-see destinations near Colombo airport?” and “What activities can be enjoyed during an eight-hour layover in Colombo, Sri Lanka?” In response to the increasing demand for information regarding activities at the Colombo airport, I authored this blog post with the intention of providing assistance to numerous travellers in the future. Sri Lanka, situated in southern Asia, is a highly frequented transit centre that experiences a significant influx of visitors.

A sojourn in either Colombo or Mattala offers an abundance of affordable cultural attractions that function as a respite from the costly monotony commonly associated with port and airport destinations. A significant proportion of incoming and departing aircraft are managed at Colombo International Airport, the principal aviation hub of the island.

The sensory experience of descending into an unfamiliar city can be invigorating following a lengthy and exhausting journey. The gradually expanding overhead image transforms into scintillating lights, signifying the presence of a vibrant existence that is discernible from a significant altitude. Pretend that Colombo, Sri Lanka, is not a remarkable destination for your journey. In that case, your aspirations to delve into this captivating area may be thwarted, as the state of being in transit will likely not evoke the sense of being in Sri Lanka.

Similar to any other international airport or port, the chain stores sell meaningless merchandise, the upscale restaurants feature daily menus that are visible everywhere, and the intolerable lines of sight make it difficult to steal away a few minutes for a snooze.

Methods for locating an exit Visiting the harbour is unquestionably beneficial, notwithstanding the exorbitant monotony of Sri Lankan airports. During your layover in Colombo or Mattala, you may decide to investigate a variety of locales. A stopover in Mattala, situated on the western coast of Colombo or on the southern strand, provides inexpensive beach, wildlife, and cultural encounters.

I am in Colombo airport for five, eight, ten, twelve, or fifteen hours. What can I do?

The average duration of a Colombo city tour is 4 hours. A significant number of passengers, however, would be required to wait over two hours to board their subsequent flight. There are several additional activities in store for passengers who remain at the Colombo airport for a duration exceeding 8, 10, 12, or 15 hours. Transit tour participants in Colombo are presented with an extensive array of destinations to explore in accordance with their personal preferences. In addition to engaging in leisurely beach vacations and wildlife tours, tourists have the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical locations as well as Sri Lanka’s hill country. Regarding any inquiries regarding travel arrangements during your transit at the Colombo airport, kindly reach out to us at The SMS handle is 0094-77-4440977. Our assistance in organising your activities in Colombo is provided at no cost to you.

What is the available time allotment for assignment completion in Colombo?

What is the recommended time commitment for the Colombo activity? This is an essential inquiry that must be addressed before any activities during your layover in Colombo are planned. It is expected that you will return to the airport significantly prior to your scheduled departure time. We place a high priority on your departure and arrival flight times at Seerendipity. We organise your excursion with the utmost care so that you may fully appreciate the experience without the concern of being late for your flight.

A passenger’s journey from the airport to the arrival lounge typically requires thirty minutes to one hour. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that passengers reach the airport a minimum of two hours prior to the designated departure time. Consider a hypothetical situation in which your flight is slated to arrive at 06:00 and depart at 18:00. You would meet your guide at the arrival lounge at approximately 7:00 a.m., subsequent to your completion of the necessary procedures and check-out, as your flight to Colombo departs at 6:00 a.m. It is mandatory to be at the departure lounge for your return flight no later than two hours prior to departure. This necessitates a minimum travel time of sixteen hours to reach the airport. Your engagement at the Colombo airport may therefore extend for a maximum of nine hours.

What time do I need to leave Colombo?

You are only required to be current on travel-related details, and the departure time is adaptable. For maximum efficiency during your tour in Sri Lanka, we recommend that you depart early in the morning. Due to the limited visibility prior to sunset, I do not recommend devoting one’s time and financial resources to a tourism excursion if one arrives belatedly in the evening.

One may engage in a variety of activities during a layover at the Colombo airport, including shopping, visiting historical locations, going on beach vacations, or participating in cultural or wildlife tours. Despite this, city tours remain the most popular activity in Colombo. This is primarily due to the ease of transportation between the airport and the metropolis. We strongly advise you to participate in the subsequent activities during your layover at the Colombo airport, as strict adherence to the designated time of the programme is essential. Each task on the following list can be completed within the designated time frame. Seerendipity Tours will arrange for opulent, contemporary cars to be used as private conveyances for your tour. With an accomplished local guide at your disposal, you can anticipate a remarkably enjoyable and risk-free excursion.

  • An exploration of Colombo
  • An excursion to the city and seashore of Negombo
  • A day excursion
  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • A visit to Bentota
  • Southern Sri Lanka excursion
  • Visit Colombo for the entire day from Kitulgala Colombo Airport.

Airport of Colombo to Colombo City

Upon arrival in Colombo for a layover or transit, a Colombo city excursion from the airport is by far the most popular activity. The distance between Colombo airport and Colombo city is only 35 kilometres, and it takes approximately 40 minutes to drive there via the Colombo-Katunyake road. It may, however, take up to 1.5 hours if the standard route is followed. All of our excursions from the Colombo airport to the city utilise the express route, thereby conserving time for our clients.

Layover at Colombo International Airport en route to Colombo

Your transit in Sri Lanka will be extremely enjoyable if your flight stops in Colombo, the island’s largest international airport. Thirty-five miles separate the airport from Colombo, the commercial hub of Sri Lanka. In addition to being home to numerous religious and ethnic groups, this vibrant city has a rich history. It is a cultural melting pot. Colombo is an exceptional place for day trips in Sri Lanka due to its myriad of attractions and activities for visitors. A multitude of temples, cathedrals, forts, and other historically significant edifices are positioned to offer insight into the abundant history of Sri Lanka.

Without a doubt, the Colombo city tour is the most frequented excursion among travelling visitors to Sri Lanka. In contrast to those who prefer to laze at the seaside or engage in other activities, more than ninety percent of transit travellers in Colombo request city tours. The 33-kilometer-long Colombo-Katunyake motorway has significantly facilitated travel time from the airport to the city of Colombo, which is now under thirty minutes.

You may, among other things, visit the Gangarama temple, savour authentic Sri Lankan rice and cuisine, and stroll along expansive, sandy beaches during your city tour of Colombo. Because Colombo offers so many attractions and activities, it would be a waste of time to tour locations that fail to pique your interest. Enjoy the exploration of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital, with the assistance of a private driver or guide. You may further modify the Colombo city tour itinerary to suit your personal preferences with the aid of our travel specialists. Above all, utilising a private vehicle will spare you the congestion of the public transport system in Sri Lanka.

Consider joining one of the numerous local tour operators, such as Seerendipity Tours, that provide half-day city tours in Colombo to make the most of your layover. Incorporating shopping, exploring temples, churches, and historical sites, and indulging in exquisite Sri Lankan cuisine collectively contribute to an engaging travel experience.

Dining outside of Colombo

Colombo boasts an abundance of culinary establishments, such as a multitude of food courts. A reasonable court contains a variety of restaurants serving both regional and international fare. Food courts not only offer an extensive variety of culinary choices but also afford customers the opportunity to acquire food items at exceptionally economical prices. Food courts are a common feature in shopping centres throughout Colombo, typically located on the ground floor or in the cellar. The food arcades feature dozens of restaurants serving an extensive variety of dishes. In order for their food to be prepared, customers must choose their desired item from the menu and remit payment at the establishment. At the kiosks, patrons can find halal food, pizza, salad, soup, Indian, Chinese, and Mongolian cuisine, among an assortment of other palatable dishes.

Street of food in Hulftsdorp

Hulftsloop Food Street is among the finest establishments to sample delectable Sri Lankan cuisine. We will convey you to Hulftsdorp Food Street if you arrive at the Colombo airport in the afternoon or evening, as the food vendors do not open until that time. A multitude of delectable hot meal options are available for purchase at rotisseries that specialise in smoked meats, tiny, vibrant barbecues, and various food waggons frequented by travellers. Thereafter, a diverse selection of dishes becomes available, such as naan, roti, wadey, deep-fried pork, barbecued meat, and wadey. In addition to the energising sound of men’s voices and cookware splattering, the street is filled with the aroma of meat.

Colombo is a port city

The Colombo city tour includes a stop at the brand-new port city. The man-made beach in the port city is a great place to swim, boat, ride horses, and do many other fun things.

Have you been looking for the perfect holiday spot where you can enjoy sun, sand, and fun things to do? All you have to do is look at Port City, Colombo’s man-made beach. At this beautiful beach resort, people of all ages can enjoy a wide range of fun activities. This beach has something for everyone, from people who just want to relax in the sun and take a walk to people who love water sports. Let’s find out what exciting things this beautiful beach paradise has to offer.

Artificial Beach is a great place for people who love thrills. Enjoy the clear, sparkling water and learn about the fun world of water sports. No matter how good or bad you are at swimming, there are enough things to do to keep you busy.

Which sites are encompassed within the itinerary of the Colombo city tour?

  • The Pettah
  • Gangarama temple
  • Museum of National
  • Gall face green
  • The BMICH
  • Hall of Independence Memorial
  • Park Viharamahadevi
  • Galle Green Face
  • Cinnamon Garden in Colombo
  • Temple of Hinduism, Companna Vidiya
  • Food Street Hulftsdorp (every afternoon during the city tour)

What is the duration of the Colombo city tour?

The four- to six-hour tour of Colombo begins at the airport. Your level of interest and the amount of time you spend at each location will determine how long the city tour lasts.

What is the expense of the airport-to-city Colombo excursion?

The cost per person is $120.00 for an individual and $75.00 for two people. One may be eligible for substantial discounts when accommodating more than two guests.

What is included in the city tour of Colombo?

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Ground transportation in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide
  • The events and locations mentioned are listed below.
  • Hall for International Conferences at the Memorial Bandaranaike
  • Viharamahadevi Park
  • Gangarama Buddhist Temple
  • The town hall of the Hindu temple in Simamalaka
  • Commonly referred to as the Devatagaha Mosque
  • The Pettah area
  • Galle Face green
  • Cinnamon Garden
  • The Beira Lake
  • Colombo’s Odel, House of Fashion, and Handicraft Shops

How do I make a reservation for a Colombo city tour?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

A relaxed day trip while in transit at the Colombo airport

Transform your transit in Colombo into a relaxed beach vacation by embarking on a city and beach excursion to Negombo. Palm trees line the sandy shores of Negombo, which is a popular beach resort. About twenty minutes from the airport, Negombo Beach is one of the top destinations to visit during a layover in Colombo. This presents an opportune moment to convert your layover in Colombo into a brief beach vacation in Sri Lanka. If you are in Colombo for an extended period of time, you may be looking for a place to eat a nutritious meal and retire for the night. For individuals in need of a temporary accommodation only, Seerendipity Tours provides tailored Sri Lanka packages. While supper is not included in the Sri Lanka tour package, breakfast is. The package pricing is of the utmost importance, as guests who reserve a room at the hotel for a single night are charged only half of the daily room rate.

Due to its close proximity, passengers can reach Negombo Beach from Colombo International Airport in approximately 20 minutes. Like many other beach resorts in Sri Lanka, Negombo is regarded as one of the most ideal locations for short getaways. Negombo, apart from being a well-liked coastal resort among tourists, is also home to a substantial fishing community comprised of individuals employed in the fishing industry. Tourists can engage in a multitude of intriguing pursuits while in Negombo, besides paying homage to the Hindu temple and visiting Buddhist temples. These may include leisurely strolls along the shoreline, fishing market, and lagoon, where they can observe crocodiles, birds, and mangroves; sampling exquisite seafood; shopping; or simply unwinding in the sun, sea, and sand.

Where should one visit during a layover in Colombo en route to Negombo?

  • Market for fish in Negombo
  • Hinduism and Buddhism both have temples.
  • Negombo shopping area
  • Lagoon of Negombo
  • Shoreline of Negombo

What is the duration of the Negombo city tour?

The airport-to-Negombo city excursion lasts between five and seven hours.

What is the cost of the airport-to-Negombo city tour?

Based on two individuals, the cost per person is $45.00; for one individual, the cost amounts to $75.00.

What is encompassed in the city excursion of Negombo?

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Ground transportation in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide
  • The activities and attractions are detailed below.
  • Hindu Temple
  • Catholic church
  • Institution of the Buddhists
  • Market for Fish in Negombo
  • Guided walking tour of Negombo for beach and leisure
  • An exploration of the Negombo bazaar on foot

How do I reserve a city tour of Negombo via the Colombo public transport system?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

Colombo, Sri Lanka layover excursions; Ayurvedic spa treatment

If one has a layover in Colombo for less than 4 hours and may not have the opportunity to visit the city, we cordially invite you to indulge in an Ayurvedic spa experience and a genuine herbal massage. These establishments are strategically situated just 20 minutes from Colombo International Airport.

Given its enchanting location within the renowned Negombo beach resort, this charming gem grants you an ample amount of time to investigate one of the most breathtaking beach resorts on the island.

A visit to Sri Lanka for an Ayurvedic massage is an excellent way to prepare for the next leg of your voyage by revitalising your body and mind. You must undress prior to your oil massage and sauna session, and choose a massage chamber that corresponds with your gender. The spa therapy consists of dry saunas, oil massages, and hot water bathing.

The warm water and oil massages alleviate any journey-related tension, promote endorphin secretion, relax muscles, and increase blood flow. The spa operates non-stop to accommodate guests with prolonged layovers and provides resting accommodations upon request.

Can I allocate sufficient time during my transit to the Colombo airport to tour the Ayurvedic spa?

At least three hours are required.

What is the cost of an Ayurvedic wellness visit?

Each individual costs $80.00 and two individuals spend $60.00.

What is encompassed in the city excursion of Negombo?

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Transportation on all terrains in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide
  • A 1.5-hour Ayurvedic full-body massage

How should one arrange to receive an Ayurvedic massage?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

Colombo, Sri Lanka layover excursions; Bentota one-day tour

An additional valuable option for your transit at the Colombo airport would be the tour to Bentota. Bentota Beach can be reached in approximately one hour and thirty minutes via the southern motorway from the Colombo airport. Bentota is therefore a convenient location to visit during a layover at Colombo Airport. Travellers will discover Bentota to be a captivating destination that is conveniently reached. It offers a diverse range of activities for its visitors. In Bentota, swimming, boating, beach cruising, and visiting historical places, temples, and museums are all popular pastimes. The Bentota tour is a highly regarded one-day tour that is popular in Colombo and numerous other locations along the west coast. This one-day tour departing from Colombo daily is provided by Sri Lankan tour operators such as Seerendipity Tours; it can be modified to accommodate your arrival and departure schedules in Sri Lanka.

Which attractions should a traveller to Bentota see while stopping in Colombo for a layover?

  • To sea turtles conservation project
  • Kande Vihara Old Temple
  • River Safari in the Madur River
  • Moonstone mines
  • Mask museum Gallery
  • Spice/Herbal Garden

What is the estimated travel time to Bentota?

The minimum travel time to reach Bentota is eight hours.

What is the cost of the journey to Bentota?

The cost per person is $130.00 for an individual and $95.00 for two people.

What is encompassed in the Bentota tour?

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Ground transportation in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide
  • Activity and admission fees are detailed in the itinerary.
  • The Kande Vihara Buddhist Temple
  • Conservation Initiative for Sea Turtles
  • The Madu River Safari
  • Tour of Bentota Beach
  • An exploration of an herb and spice garden

How do I make a reservation for a Bentota transit excursion at the Colombo airport?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

Visit Colombo, Sri Lanka, for layover excursions and investigate southern Sri Lanka

While travelling towards the Colombo airport, you may also wish to consider planning a trip to the southern region of Sri Lanka. While the main focus of your concise tour will be Galle Fort, you will also have the opportunity to witness numerous other noteworthy locations. Galle City is home to an assortment of intriguing sites, such as forts, beaches, mangrove lagoons, temples, retail centres, museums, and turtle conservation initiatives. Galle City is an exquisite and captivating metropolis. While this brevity of the trip may not afford the opportunity to visit each prominent tourist attraction, one will nonetheless have the capacity to investigate a multitude of noteworthy sites.

When in Colombo for a layover and a visit to southern Sri Lanka, which attractions should be explored?

What is the travel time from the airport to the southern region of Sri Lanka?

The minimum travel time to reach Bentota is eight hours.

What is the fare to travel from the airport to the southern region of Sri Lanka?

Cost per person: $125 for two individuals; $160 for one individual.

What does the airport excursion to Bentota consist of?

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Ground transportation in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide.
  • Activity and admission fees are detailed below.
  • A guided stroll through Galle Fort
  • The Handicraft Centre,
  • The Gem Museum,
  • Galle Fort Maritime Museum
  • Bentota River safari
  • The Sea Turtle Conservation Centre
  • The Wolvendaal Church
  • A leisurely exploration of a spice or herb garden

How do I make travel arrangements for a vacation to southern Sri Lanka with Galle?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

Colombo, Sri Lanka, layover excursions; visit to Kitulgala

Seizure passengers at the Colombo airport have the opportunity to participate in exhilarating activities in Sri Lanka during their transit. A journey of approximately two hours and thirty minutes would be required to cover the distance of eighty kilometres between the Colombo airport and Kitulgala. Thus, if you have approximately ten hours to spare on your travels, you can engage in a variety of intriguing activities, including whitewater rafting, jungle hiking, bird watching, swimming, and canoeing, among others.

What attractions should one visit during a layover en route to Kitulgala from Colombo?

  • Swimming, canoeing, and whitewater rafting on the Kelaniya River
  • Kitulgala rainforest, Makandawa, wildlife watching

How much time would my layover in Colombo require to reach Kitulgala?

The minimum travel time to reach Bentota is eight hours.

What is the cost of transport to Kitulgala while stopping in Colombo?

A single individual will pay $140.00, while two people will be charged $90.00 per person.

What does the airport excursion to Kitulagala consist of?

  • Travel arrangements to and from the airport
  • Coordinating a meeting at the airport
  • Ground transportation in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle accompanied by an English-speaking driver or guide
  • Activity and admission fees are detailed below.
  • Engaging in whitewater rafting at Kelaniya
  • A guided stroll through the Makandewa forest with the purpose of spotting wildlife in the village.

How do I make a reservation for a Kitulgala transit excursion at the Colombo airport?

Contact us at 0094-77-4440977 via WhatsApp, 0094-77-440977 via telephone, or

A brief halt at the Port of Colombo

Hundreds of cruise ships visit Colombo International Harbour annually. A significant proportion of cruise ships make port calls at the harbour to exchange personnel, passengers, and storage areas. The harbour delay in Colombo is typically considerably longer than the layover at the airport. A mandatory 24-hour stopover will be implemented at the Colombo harbour, with the possibility of an extended one-week extension.

If your layover is situated in the vicinity of the Colombo harbour, you have access to a multitude of additional activities. These include visits to historical landmarks, shopping excursions, golfing, gourmet dining experiences, and visits to the shore.

Your cruise ship will be in close proximity to Colombo Harbour in less than five minutes, which will significantly reduce your travel time. By capitalising on Colombo Port’s strategic location, one can effectively utilise their time and engage in an extensive array of Sri Lankan activities.

During a layover of eight hours or more in Colombo, one may embark on an excursion to the nation’s finest beaches. Situated along the southern and western coasts, these beaches offer a plethora of attractions, such as dining establishments, water sports, boating, snorkelling, diving, and enthralling monuments.

Explore some of the city of Colombo’s interesting landmarks on foot, including the Dutch Hospital, the Gangarama Temple, Wolvendaal Church, Galle Face Beach, Beira Lake, an independent memorial hall, and a museum, if you are not in the mood for much sightseeing and only have an hour to spend on the west coast.

Each traveller to Colombo includes Buddhist temples at the top of their itinerary. The Gangarama Temple, situated in Colombo, is the most renowned Buddhist temple in the region and also one of the earliest. Visitors have been attending the temples since the latter part of the 19th century, and they have venerated the Buddha statue within for more than a century. The Gangarama Museum is the most remarkable of the temple’s museums due to its collection of hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable artefacts.

Consider a time constraint of less than three hours. Shopping opportunities abound in Pettah, in close proximity to the harbour. Pettah, where hundreds of shops line the winding lanes and offer a variety of products including leather goods, Ayurvedic remedies, textiles, jewellery, and gems, can be reached via taxi from the passenger deck.

Activities in the vicinity of Mattala

  • Visit Sri Lanka National Park Yala
  • Exploring Beach in Hambantota
  • visiting Turtle Beach at the Rekawa
  • Visiting Temple Kataragama
  • Visit Yatalatissa Temple

Guests will find every amenity prepared for their arrival at the international airport in Mattala. From 2015 to 2019, the administration neglected the recently built Mattala International Airport. Over the course of recent years, the island has not generated a substantial amount of revenue from the multimillion-dollar undertaking. Nevertheless, the newly elected 2019 government chose Mattala International Airport as one of the main airports on the island. A considerable number of renowned airlines, including Emirates and Sri Lankan Airlines, have reached an agreement to commence operations from Mattala airport. When you travel to Sri Lanka by aircraft in the future, you will almost certainly arrive in Mattala.

Deep south Sri Lanka, one of the country’s most picturesque regions, accommodates Mattala International Airport. The majority of Sri Lankan travel itineraries include a stay in the country’s southern region, which is replete with intriguing tourist attractions. There are numerous intriguing sites to explore, including historical temples, picturesque palm-tree-lined coastlines, and national parks.

Yala National Park, a prominent wildlife safari destination in Sri Lanka, can be reached within a brief distance of time from the airport. Yala National Park is, in fact, the greatest wildlife refuge in the world where leopards can be observed.

You can visit several of the most popular tourist destinations during your layover, including Hambantota Beach, Kirinda Temple, Yatalatissa Temple, Rekawa Turtle Beach, and Yala National Park. Considering the limited availability of dining and retail establishments at Mattala International Airport, it is advisable to embark on a layover tour. Southern Sri Lanka is a must-see destination for visitors of the Kataragama Temple, the most venerated and frequently visited structure in the area. Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus all visit this sacred temple.


Seerendipity Tour, headquartered in Colombo, is an exclusively locally owned travel agency. Among the greatest assets of Seerendipity Tours is its locally proficient staff, which can customise the perfect Sri Lankan vacation for you.


We coordinate excursions directly with the local operator, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring that you receive the most competitive rates. Simply get in touch with us and specify your desired travel destinations and times.


The customised programme that our staff develops for you can be modified until you find the optimal strategy. Explore our pre-designed tour itineraries, each of which can be modified to precisely suit your needs, for additional ideas. To contact us, please email or reach us via WhatsApp at 0094-77-440977 or 0094-77-4440977.

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