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Life itself is an adventure which gives us twists and turns. But what if we actually have an adventure trip that gives the real thrill and takes into a whole new world of excitement? High peaks and mountains, fascinating rivers, challenging rivers and getting close to wild animals, India are bestowed with some adventurous locations that are worth experiencing. Be it the northern part of the southern part of Sri Lanka, travellers have a plethora of options for an adventurous trip.

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Sinharaja Rainforest Tour

The adventure tour of Sinharaja rainforest is one of the most exciting activity a tourist can undertake during their Sri Lanka road trip. Most tourists, who visit Sinharaja, plan the visit to Sinharja well in advance, at the planning stage of their trip, while some others visit Sinharaja on a day trip from their beach resort, which is mostly spontaneously arranged with the help the resort tour guide.

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