Adventure Lanka – Sri Lanka 5 Nights Tour

6 Days

Adventure Lanka – Sri Lanka 5 Nights Tour

Adventure Lanka is a Sri Lanka 5 nights tour featuring some of the adrenaline pumping thrilling activities.  Most importantly this is a private tour, means there will be no intruders in the vehicle allocated to your  Sri Lanka 5 nights tour. Been a private tour you are not a part of a big crowded bus any more, therefore adventure Lanak tour enables you to have the tour at your own pace, even you can change the itinerary little bit after discussing with the guide.

This Sri Lanka 5 night tour takes you to a large number of places, some of the sites are suitable for adventure activities while some others are good for cultural and historical experiences. Below is the itinerary for adventure Lanka, Sri Lanka 5 nights tour. two hours after starting this Sri Lanka 5 nights tour you will sense, why we call this program Adventure Lanka tour, this tour is meant for people who like activities, the adventure Lanka tour is not suitable for people to look for an easy-going holiday. If you are looking for a Sri Lanka 5 nights tour with relax then we have some other program for you like beach holiday packages, cultural tours, please contact us on

Day 1 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

Meet and greet by serendipity tours representative and drive to the hotel in Kitulgala. The journey takes place on the Colombo-Nuwara Eliya main road, which is one of the busiest roads in the country but the journey will be one of the most beautiful. At the beginning of the journey you will encounter several busy cities but after travelling around 30 minutes the traffic congestion eases making it easy and swift flow for the traffic.

Towards the latter half of the journey, the roads are quite empty while you see the dense foliage all the time. Paddy fields, coconut plantations, rubber plantations and patches of forests in this neighbourhood. The roads are in very good throughout the journey, at the start of the 6 days Sri Lanka adventure tour from Colombo the roads are very wide roads with multiple tracks but the road gets narrower as you get closer to Kitulgala, still, the road condition is at its best. A winding road with sharp curves towards the latter half of the journey demands you to be more vigilant on the wheel while controlling the speed. The journey from Colombo to Kitulgala takes around 3 hours.

Kitulgala is a laid-back city, hidden in the thick green canopy. This neighbourhood is blessed with heavy yearly rainfall, which is the main reason for its large extent of the secondary rainforest. Rainforest with the Kelaniya River makes Kitulgala one of the best places in the country for adventure sports. Any adventure tour in Sri Lanka is not completed if it does not include this adventure playground (read more on kitulgala).

In this 6 days Sri Lanka adventure tour we have planned 2 days in Kitulgala. The tour includes 1 water rafting in Kelaniya River and a rainforest trek. Apart from white water rafting and rainforest trekking, there are possibilities for many other adventure sports such as caving, waterfall abseiling, kayaking, mountain climbing, mountain biking etc. but due to the lack of time we have included only 1 white water rafting and a rainforest trek in this 6 days Sri Lanka adventure tour. If the time permits the customers can add several other activities to the itinerary, this is an individual tour and can be customised the way you need it.

Kitulgala is the playground of adventure enthusiast in Sri Lanka. This beautiful countryside is full of green and natural beauty. Here you can capture scenes that you have never seen before. Keep your camera ready, make photo and share with your friends and family.

This Eco-hotel in Kitulgala, where you will spend the night is located in the Jungles of Kitulgala near the river of Kelaniya. Here you can have a relaxing holiday by the water. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the staff of the hotel caters to all your needs. The staff serves you all meals, beverages and facilitates all activities during your stay at Eco-hotel by the mighty river. When you are in the hotel you can have a refreshing bath in the stream just in front of your room. In the night the whole area will be lit up with lanterns and you will be served BBQ Dinner amidst a roaring sound of the river.

As the day winds up on your adventure Lanak tour it is time to move to the picturesque hotel by the side of the Kelaniya River. This is not a traditional hotel but a nature hotel built in harmony with nature. You are hotels are isolated located amidst the extensive green cover near the Kelaniya River. Overnight stay Hotel in Kitulgala

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Day 2 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

After the breakfast left for white water rafting at Kelaniya river. The river is just next to your hotel but you will take a jeep to drive to the starting point of the rafting. You have to take about 10 minutes to walk through the village and jungle to reach the river bank. You will have an experienced instructor at the helm and help you to control the dinghy boat during the challenging rough ride. Don’t forget to wear your safety jacket and a helmet.

The whitewater rafting Kitulgala

The whitewater adventure of Kitulgala starts at the so-called starting point, which is around 5 km away from the Kitulgala town. This is the set-off point for most whitewater adventures. This enthralling adventure lasts around 2 hours with several stops on the way down the river. You will encounter 3 major rapids and 5 minor rapids. The difficulty level of whitewater rafting in Kitulgala is 5, in another world it is at the highest difficulty level. Therefore in every whitewater rafting, the helm is taken by an experienced rafter provided by the organizers, who manure the boat, while the others need to paddle the boat. There is no age limit or experience level to take part in the whitewater adventure.

White Water Rafting in the picturesque Kelani River in Kitulgala covering 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids. This activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years with safety gear, modern rafts, and a comprehensive safety briefing will be given by our white water rafting instructors beforehand. The distance covered is around 5 KM. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable Experience during your tour.

Bird watching in Kitulgala on adventure Lanka tour

You will walk through the village, jungle and plantations and search for the indigenous bird. Kitulgala is a top pick among the bird watchers in Sri Lanka where you have the opportunity to see many species of birds. Nature lovers, in particular, ornithologists, will be rewarded with sightings of the Crested Serpent Eagle, the Ceylon Spur Fowl, the Ceylon Hanging Parrot and the Lay lard’s Parakeet. Activities such as mountain-biking, cultural sites and sites of fruit orchards and lowland tea plantations can be experienced in Kitulgala.

Trekking through the rain forest

There are few treks on this Sri Lanka 5 nights tour, usually, every Sri Lanka adventure tour includes one or two treks in a rainforest. Kitulgala is one of the best places for trekking for a trek, the rain forest of kitulgala attracts a large number of travellers, who like to explore a rain forest. Therefore Rainforest of Kutilgala has been included in our adventure Lanka tour.

Experience various fauna and flora of the Rainforest of Kitulgala Forest Reserve and see beautiful sceneries of waterfalls and streams hidden inside the forest. Have a cool dip in a scenic flowing water stream during your Rain Forest Trek in the Jungle of Kitulgala.

Unlike the rainforest trek in Sinharaja, the rainforest trek in Kitulgala is not purely within a virgin rainforest. The trek includes a part of the village, rainforest, plantations etc. The trek lasts around 2 hours and our nature expert show you the places of interest along the way while explaining the fauna and flora that you see during the trek.

The adventure Lanka tour is a private tour; therefore all the activities can be customized the way you wish to. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast it is recommended to start the trek early morning (at least by 06.00 am), otherwise the trek can be started later depending on your wish. However, it is recommended to start the trek before 10.00 am due to the mid-day heat.

The trekking lasts around 3 hours and the trekking path is moderately difficult. Suitable shoes for a trek with a light cotton t-shirt and cotton short is the best combination of attire for the trek. Don’t forget to take a bottle of mineral water with you.

First, you have to cross the Kelaniya River in order to reach the rainforest; we are going to use a hanging bridge to cross the river. The bridge is dating back to many decades. However, the bridge is still in very good shape and it is under the purview of the provincial government. It had been gone through the many renovations and therefore it is a very safe way to cross the river. Hanging bridge connects the mainland and the village beyond the river.

After crossing the river using the hanging bridge you need to walk around 1km through the village. In this small village, you will be able to see a few families. Same time one can see many bird species in the village such as mina, oriole, blue magpies, babbler, red vented bulbul, kingfisher etc. In the village, you will be able to see many useful plants and trees such as coconut palms, tea bush, coffee plants, pepper plants, orange tree, Banana trees, papaya trees, cinnamon, areca nut palms and many flowering plants such as hibiscus, jasmine.

As you pass the village you come to the Kalundewa forest reserve, the foreigners need to pay the entrance before entering the Kalundewa forest reserve. Kalundewa forest reserve is 135 hectares in extent and it will take many days to explore it in details. But in this Sri Lank adventure tour, we plan a trek that lasts around 3 hours and sees a part of the jungle and visit waterfalls.

Kalundewa rainforest is consisting of many species of plants and trees such as ……… there are well-demarcated trekking routes through the jungle, it is very important to follow the well-demarcated routes in order to avoid losing the way in the jungle.

There are many perennial waterways in the rainforest and they are stating in the nearby mountains. These streams get very wide in some locations, making it suitable for a refreshing bath. There are several bath ponds in the forest reserve, however, it is recommended to avoid swimming in those ponds on rainy days as the water level could rise abruptly.

You will not encounter large stock of birds within the rainforest however the visitors encounter many species of insects, caterpillar, frogs, lizards and several species of butterflies. Fishing cat, mungo, squirrel, wild boar are the fauna species that can be spotted here.

Getting Kayak on the Lanka adventure tour

Kayaking in Kitulgala is another perfect way of exploring the rich fauna and flora of Kitulgala. There are many places to get engaged in this adventurous sport in Kitulgala. You can do bird watching and explore the rich bio-diversity from your kayaking boat.

Barbeque dinner

Today the dinner will be served by Kelaniya River in an open area. The dinner is comprised of barbeque meat such as chicken, pork and sausages with rice, vegetable, pasta and boiled potatoes; however; there can be slight variations of this menu. The dining area is illuminated by oil lamps and candles.

As the second day of the adventure Lanka tour comes to the end, you start the journey towards the hotel, however, the nature-friendly hotel is not far. Overnight stay Hotel in Kitulgala

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Day 3 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

Sinharaja rain forest

After breakfast at hotel leave for Sinharaja, the last remaining rain forest in Sri Lanka. Today you spend your precious time in a more jungle and hilly area of Sri Lankan western province. Sinharaja is the most precious patch of forest on the island and its roots going back more than 180 million years. The forest trek will be an unforgettable experience in the adventure Lanka tour. You spend a night in another simple cosy place near sinharaja.

The journey from Kitulgala to Sinharaja may take between 3-4 hours, however, the journey will be monotonous or boring, because you see something else all the time, less building and greener environment. Villages, jungles, farmlands, rice paddies, tea plantations, rubber plantations, rivers, streams, coconut plantations, beautiful houses can be seen often on the way.  Ask your guide to make a stop to get some fresh air into your nostrils or top makes a beautiful photo of the environment. This Sri Lanka 5 nights tour is a private program as we have mentioned earlier, you have the liberty to reshape it little as you wish.

Before starting with the activities on day three of your Lanak adventure tour, first, you need to take a rest and make yourself fit a few hours trek through the forest. Check-in the hotel and leave the forest entrance in the afternoon. This memorable trek in Sinharaja will take about 5 hours and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the untamed wilderness of a natural rainforest. you will be supported by one of the trained forest explorers. Overnight stay at Hotel in Sinharaja

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Day 4 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

After the breakfast on the 4th day of the adventure Lanak tour, it is time to move towards another beautiful laid-back city in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Sinharaja is in the wet zone, kitulgala is in the wet zone but Udaawalawe is in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. This is the first time of the guests come to dry zone of Sri Lanka in this Sri Lanka 5 night tour. Wet zone if beautiful with huge forest cover, cool climate, lot of creatures, trekking sites, rivers, waterfalls but dry zone also shows notable contrast again the wet zone. The trees and plants of dry zone show a lot of differences again the vegetation to be seen in the wet zone. Rainfall is much lower than in wet zone but there is no shortage of green cover.

Udawalawe safari

The safari at the national park of Udawalawe includes a ride through the jungle with a 4 wheel drive jeep, jungle tracker, entrance fees for the site, and all taxes. Every traveller who enters the Udawalawe national park wishes to see a couple of wild elephants (Sri Lanka’s biggest animal). Because Udawalawe is one of the best wildlife parks in the world to spot Asian elephants, it has the largest concentration of elephants compared to any other national parks in the world.

The travellers can see many animal species like elephants, Wild boar, Deer, Buffalo, Monkeys and many other animals with leopards. It also accommodates many species of vertebrate and birds.

Overnight stay Udawalawe

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Day 5 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

Today is more like a day to relax because no activities planned on your adventure Lanka tour for today. Today is a leisure day starting from breakfast.  After a leisurely breakfast, you slowly move in the direction of the western coast. The first time you are going to encounter pristine palm-fringed beaches with torque waters on this Sri Lanka 5 nights tour.  On this adventure Lanka tour, you spend 1 night in a beach resort in Mirissa, which is one of the best places for beach holidays on the island.

After about 2 hours journey you reach the hotel in Mirissa, most probably before you can reach the hotel. The rest of the day is for you to relax while enjoying the palm frionged beaches of Sri Lanka. The coastal city attracts large number of surfers, divers and beach holiday lovers. Overnight stay Mirissa

Day 6 of the Adventure Lanka- Sri Lanka 5 nights tour

City of Galle

Galle is the capital of southern Sri Lanka is an economic hub in the region. The history of Galle is dating back to many thousand years and it has some remnants of that are mentioned in Ramayana (Ramayana is a story supposed to take place about 8000 years ago). Later Galle was an important seaport for merchants travelling from east to west and vice-a-versa. In the 15’s Galle maritime capital and natural port were under the captivity or Portuguese. later it was controlled by Dutch and English. Today the city is under the local administration after 450 years of colonial occupation. Galle Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its cultural and historical importance.
Next visit Turtle Hatchery.

Turtle conservation centre

There are many sea turtle hatcheries along the western and southern sea border of Sri Lanka. Most of them are engaged in protecting endangered sea turtles. The sea turtle hatcheries collect the eggs that are been sold by the fisherman and they are hatched. These hatchlings are released to the sea later.

Sea turtles coming to the shores of West and southern Sri Lanka in order to lay eggs. The animal comes to the shore and dig a hole on the beach and lay eggs later she buries the eggs. These eggs are incubated due to the heat generated through the sunlight. But these eggs are eaten by the human. Some people find the turtle nests and remove eggs for consumption while some others are selling them.

Madu river boat safari

A cruise on a modern motorboat is the best way to exploring the natural wealth of Madu Ganga, the islands in the wetland are largely inaccessible by road. The inhabitants are also using the boats and more often paddle boats as the means of transport. Seerendipity tours offer particularly appealing boat trips around Madu Ganga. This Ramsar Wetland is one of the most visited natural attractions of Sri Lanka’s west coast, with riverscapes to quiet thick grown islands and mangrove forests with sites of immense natural interest. There is plenty of opportunities to spot fascinating wildlife based on the aquatic environment, throughout the tour.

Overnight stay at Hotel in Bentota

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End of Sri Lanka Tours…….


  • 1. Accommodation on Double Sharing Basis on 4* standard hotels
  • 2. Meal plan H/B (Daily breakfast and dinner)
  • 3. Transport in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • 4. The assistance of an English speaking driver/Guide.
  • 5. Entrance fees for the following site.
  • I. A 4wheel drive jeep safari at Udawalawe national park
  • II. Galle Fortress
  • III. Whitewater rafting kitulgala
  • IV. Colombo sightseeing
  • V. Bird watching trek
  • VI. Explore last remaining primaeval rainforest Sri Lanka ( Sinharaja )
  • VII. Explore the world heritage site of Galle Fortress
  • VIII. See the endangered Sea turtle
  • IX. Ceylon tea trail
  • X. Hikkaduwa beach
  • XI. Hindu temple
  • XII. Boat tour to explore the endless fascinating riverine eco-system at 2nd largest wetland in the island.
  • XIII. Kayaking Kitulgala
  • XIV. Mask Museum
  • XV. Meeting arrangements at the airport on arrival and departure.
  • XVI. Pinnawala elephant orphanage
  • XV. All government taxes.

Price does not include

  • I. Airport taxes (Generally included in Air Ticket) & “Electronic Travel authorization“ (ETA) Fee (US$ 20 per person)***
  • II. Expenses of personal nature such as tipping, porters, laundry, telephones, etc.
  • III. Video and Camera permits.
  • IV. Any meals not specified, throughout the tour
  • V. Any other services not specified.
Starting time and availability

The tour starts at 8.00 on every day and this is private tour, therefore starting time is flexible.

Can I book a single room

A single room can be booked by paying a single supplement which cost USD 370

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Adventure Lanka – Sri Lanka 5 Nights Tour
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