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Hikkaduwa is surrounded by a number of beaches that you may visit and explore, so if you want to fully appreciate the grandeur of the site without any issues, plan your Sri Lanka trip that lasts at least five to seven days. During the north-east monsoon period, you should not miss a chance to visit any of the beaches in Hikkaduwa.

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Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka: A Guide To Planning A Perfect Summer Vacation

Beaches are a great place to escape to anytime one wants a break from the busy life we lead. A trip to a tropical destination such as Sri Lanka can help you unwind and take a break from the demanding needs of work and home stress, in addition to providing you with a golden brown tan. These breathtaking beaches in Sri Lanka provide every visitor with fantastic beaches in Hikkaduwa. The best time to visit Sri Lanka’s west coast beaches such as Hikkaduwa is from Novemebr to April, with the greatest experience conceivable. These beaches have experienced a massive increase in visitors during the 1960s. These beaches’ greatest qualities include their length and the range of things to do that may keep guests entertained. In addition to taking a leisurely dip in the enthralling blue sea, engaging in water sports can greatly improve the overall experience of a visitor.

Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about visiting Hikkaduwa, don’t worry; this little guide will provide you with all the information you require regarding the beaches and other activities that are offered from Novemebr to April.

The hikkaduwa beach from Novemebr to April

Would you want to know what the temperature is in Hikkaduwa in the during the north-west monasoon (from Novemebr to April) in Sri Lanka? If you wish to avoid the bad weather and precipitation, north-west monasoon is the best month to come. If you get caught in the deluge, it’s likely that you won’t be able to enjoy the beaches in any way. As the tides rise, there is an increased risk of drowning and other potentially fatal circumstances, which should be avoided. In any case, the busiest months of the year to visit Hikkaduwa’s beaches are November through April. These do make up for the perfect weather conditions in Sri Lanka and the tropical weather that each and every visitor desires. Peak temps can hit 38 degrees Celsius, which is scorching hot yet perfect beach weather.

Optimal Duration of Hikkaduwa holiday package

Hikkaduwa is surrounded by a number of beaches that you may visit and explore, so if you want to fully appreciate the grandeur of the site without any issues, plan your Sri Lanka trip that lasts at least five to seven days. During the North-East monsoon period, you should not miss a chance to visit any of the beaches in Hikkaduwa.

Best Places To Visit In Hikkaduwa

Next is the guide’s list of places that tourists to Hikkaduwa are advised to visit. It makes sense that someone would concentrate only on the beaches because the area is well known for them. In this part, we will walk you through the most popular ones.The following are some of the most spectacular spots in the Hikkaduwa area:

Narigama Beach

The first thing on the list is the gorgeous and classy Narigama Beach. Almost all year long, the beach with the greatest number of visitors in the vicinity is this one. Over a distance of around 4 kilometres, the entire beach is considered as an excellent spot for surfing in Sri Lanka. The ideal month to visit the beach is from November to Apri. Most visitors have often praised this place for its breathtaking sunsets, which are especially beautiful to see from the beach as you take in the tranquil flow of the water coupled with the orangy hues of the setting sun.

Another amazing site to view is The Laguna, a shallow body of water encircled by coral reefs on both sides of the pool. Families with small children who are afraid of deep water or don’t know how to swim would love this spot. Because the coral reefs block the waves near the end, there is a portion of the beach free of waves. It’s a great location to unwind and splash around in the chilly water to escape the heavy heat. If you want to enjoy an even more unique experience, consider hiring a catamaran to tour the canals.

Coral reef gardens

The final, and most amazing, thing to do in North-west monsoon in Hikkaduwa is visit the Coral Reef Gardens. If you are interested in the underwater environment and marine creatures, you will surely love these gorgeous coral reef gardens. There are many different species of fish there, as well as a wide variety of aquatic wildlife. A well-known aspect of the gardens, in addition to the coral reefs, are the sea turtles, which never cease to amaze the visitors. The most enjoyable feature—which is actually really amazing—is that you can hand feed every turtle.

Things to do in Hikkaduwa

The activities listed below are some of the greatest things to do in Hikkaduwa and will definitely make your summer vacation unforgettable. Examine this.

Water-related activities

As was previously said, Hikkaduwa is well-known for a variety of activities in addition to its beaches. Hikkaduwa is actually a great place to conduct a range of water sports, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing. There are countless options to choose from this endless list. There are instructors nearby who can guide you through the process and finish the assignments faster than you think possible. Try exploring one of the shipwrecks below the surface for an even better experience.

Tea Rooma

Even though it might not seem like much, visiting Hikkaduwa’s several tea zones is an amazing experience. It would be best to conduct a taste test to determine which teas suit your palate the best. You can then choose your favourite and buy it to take home from there. Among the best tea variations are coconut tea, Kandy tea, lime tea, black tea, and many more.

Eating and drinking

There are lots of earthy, meaty flavours in Sri Lankan cuisine. I highly recommend trying some of the wonderful cuisine that Hikkaduwa has to offer. The local street cuisine is equally as delicious as the restaurants. While you’re there, be sure to try the fish curry and other seafood delicacies that are local.

Best Places To Stay In Hikkaduwa

With so many hotels and resorts in Hikkaduwa, the options are almost endless. There are plenty of excellent places for you to stay.

This discussion guide’s last, but most important, section will cover some tips to keep in mind when visiting Hikkaduwa beach.
Always bring sun protection gear because during the north-east monsoon it can be very warm here.
Make sure you have everything you need securely on hand before you visit the beach.
It’s critical to maintain fluid intake at all times.
Use private transport to be safe and comfortable during your tours.
Always keep a first aid kit on hand.

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