Sri Lanka safari, The Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary

The Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary

One of the most popular vacation packages in the island is the Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary, which many international visitors, especially those from Europe, choose to book in advance.

Temples, hill country, cultural performances, the southern coast, and an ancient site visit are all part of the fascinating 14-day Sri Lanka vacation package, which also includes a wildlife safari and a variety of recreational activities. In just fourteen days, you can see eighteen of Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist spots, according to this blog post that details a well-organized tour of the nation.

This lengthy blog post aims to provide a verified and studied tour schedule for an enjoyable two-week Sri Lanka vacation package. We at Serendipity Tours have planned this Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary for a large number of satisfied clients from all over the world, and their reviews have been nothing short of fantastic.
One of the best places to visit in 2023, says Forbes, is Sri Lanka. Juliana Broste, a twelve-time Heartland Emmy-winning travel filmmaker and broadcaster, chose the tropical setting for her book because it showcases amazing adventures from all around the world.

Travelers looking for a taste of Sri Lanka will love the Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary. The cultural triangle, Sri Lanka’s hill country, a wildlife trip, and the beaches of the south and west coasts will all be part of your bespoke Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary.

Each individual must pay $895 USD

The Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary, featuring the best sights and activities

My busy schedule stopped me from sharing this Sri Lanka trip schedule for a long time, but I finally got around to it. This blog article finally contains all of my thoughts and ideas for a fourteen-day itinerary in Sri Lanka. The numerous letters I receive from readers with questions like these served as inspiration for this blog post. I have two weeks to explore Sri Lanka; what is the best way to see the country during that time?”Which Sri Lankan 14-day tour package is the most popular?”What is the best way to see Sri Lanka in just 14 days?”.

At first glance, most people assume that Sri Lanka’s confusing traffic system, lack of information about routes, and, most importantly, a lot of uncertainty make travel there a daunting and complicated task. Although traveling in Sri Lanka could seem difficult at first, it is actually rather manageable with proper planning. You will be amazed at how easy it is to travel around Sri Lanka on a tight timetable when you finish this Sri-Lankan 14-day vacation plan.
Many foreign tourists have had Seerendipity Tours plan their two-week Sri Lankan itinerary, and they have all had nothing but good things to say about the trips.

The 14-day Sri Lanka tour package is sure to provide an experience that will stay with them forever.

Which itinerary would be best for a 14-day trip to Sri Lanka?Two main itineraries are the main emphasis of the fourteen-day Sri Lanka tour.
1. A fourteen-day trip to Sri Lanka via the northern route

2. A fourteen-day tour to southern Sri Lanka.

Most travelers who begin on a 14-day tour of Sri Lanka choose to travel along the southern route because it is the most popular and therefore the most traveled route.
Even so, a negligible fraction of island-dwelling consumers opt to drive north. Several notable tourist sites, such as the southern and western coasts, the hill country of Sri Lanka, wildlife sanctuaries like Yala, Galle Fort, whale viewing, and more, would be missed if you chose the northern circuit during your 14-day trip to Sri Lanka.

For a 14-day journey, when would you recommend it be most effective?

No matter the time of year, Sri Lanka is a great vacation spot. This means that any time of year is suitable for a fourteen-day Sri Lankan tour. Unpredictable weather won’t stop you from planning a 14-day Sri Lankan journey via the northern or southern routes. The southern route is the best option for a 14-day Sri Lanka vacation package from November to April. It is recommended to take the northern route if the adventure takes place between April and October.

On the Sri Lanka 14-day vacation, which 18 locations do you recommend seeing the most?

I. The Colombo

2. The cave temple of Dambulla

3. Defenses built of rocks in Sigiriya

4. An enchanting spice garden

5. Temple of Kandy’s Tooth Relic

6. Exhibition showcasing Kandyan culture

7. In the Royal Botanical Garden of Kandy

8. Industrial complex and tea estate in Nuwara Eliya

9. Lawrence Lake, Eliya Nuwara

10. Eliya Nuwara’s Victoria Park

11. Nuwara Eliya’s Horton Plains National Park

12. Nuwara Eliya House of Seetha

13. Waterfall Ramboda

14. Elephants at the Pinnawala orphanage

15. Yala National Park is a

16. Viewing whales at Mirissa Beach

17. The fort at Galle

18–Benthota Shores

What does the 14-day Sri Lanka travel package mostly include?

A well-rounded tour of Sri Lanka, including most of the island’s top attractions, is available in a 14-day package. Below are the main areas that it focuses on.
1.4–5.5 days immersed in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle

2. Two or three days spent exploring Sri Lanka’s hill country

3.2–3-day Sri Lankan wildlife and southern coast tour

4. Traveling along the western coast of Sri Lanka and relaxing on a beach for five or six days

Sri Lanka—a cultural triangle tour over four days

An excursion to Sri Lanka would not be complete without seeing the cultural triangle, which is an integral part of most multi-day travels to the country.

Any trip to Sri Lanka that lasts more than a day must include a stop at the cultural triangle; without it, the trip would be lacking in significance. Therefore, most 14-day Sri Lanka tours include the cultural triangle.

Stupas, dagobas, temples, palaces, gardens, lakes, and countless more historic structures are housed within the cultural triangle, which is why it is so important. These structures are examples of the sophisticated technology that ancient engineers and craftspeople used.

What important historical sites are included in a 14-day tour of Sri Lanka? Usually, tourists begin their journey at the Cultural Triangle and spend several days exploring the ancient structures there.

Depending on the client’s religious and historical preferences, the cultural triangle tour can last anywhere from two to three days. The following cities, rich in culture and history, are all part of the fourteen-day Sri Lanka tour.

  • The historical site of Anuradhapura
  • The pollonac region
  • The Sigiriya Temple
  • The Dambulla
  • Kandy

Depending on the client’s religious and historical preferences, the cultural triangle tour can last anywhere from two to three days. The following cities, rich in culture and history, are all part of the fourteen-day Sri Lanka tour.

a 14-day Sri Lankan vacation package that visits the country’s highlands

After visiting the cultural triangle’s historical and cultural sites, visitors on this 14-day tour of Sri Lanka head to Sri Lanka Hill.

Scattered over Sri Lanka’s hill country are some of the most scenic spots in the whole country. The hill country is home to expansive tea plantations, lush mountain ranges, babbling brooks and rivers, and stunning scenery. A large number of domestic tourists visit Nuwara Eliya for short stays to escape the scorching heat of Sri Lanka’s lowlands, thanks to the charming hill country’s well-known healing environment.

What major hill country locations are included in the 14-day Sri Lanka travel package?

Although there are many more places to visit in Sri Lanka’s hill country, the 14-day tour package only stops at the most popular tourist spots, such as Nuwara Eliya, Ella, and the Horton Plains. Bandarawela, Ambewela, and Galway Forest are a few more potential additions that might be included in the itinerary based on the interests of the guests.

  • Nuwara eliya
  • Hill country resort Ella
  • Horton plains

A tour in southern Sri Lanka covering 14 days

Wildlife tours in Sri Lanka’s southern region are very popular. The majority of tourists visiting Sri Lanka go to Yala National Park for its thrilling wildlife excursions; this makes it the most popular national park in the country.

Yala is among the top places on Earth to see wild animals, and it’s especially good for seeing elusive leopards. Travelers who book a 14-day Sri Lanka vacation will spend one or two days on the southern shore after exploring the hill country. South Coast attractions include animal tours, beach hopping, watersports, and whale viewing.

Western coast of Sri Lanka: 14-day trip itinerary

On the fourteenth and last day of the Sri Lankan adventure, you’ll relax on a beach on the western coast. By the time you reach the western shore, it may have been around eight days of your fourteen-day voyage. A fourteen-day Sri Lankan itinerary is planned so that major tourist sites are covered in the first few days of the trip, and then the last few days are reserved for a laid-back beach vacation. During their fourteen-day journey, the tourists visited beach resorts on the west coast, such as Kalutara, Benthota, and Hikkaduwa, for about seven or eight days.

On a 14-day trip to Sri Lanka, where exactly will you be visiting?

Here are a few of Sri Lanka’s most famous spots. Your 14-day Sri Lankan tour will most likely involve a visit to one of those beaches.

  • Bentota Beach
  • Unawatuna Beach
  • Beaches of Wadduwa
  • Mount Kalutara Beach
  • Negombo Beach

Which 14-day Sri Lankan travel plan is the most ideal?

Day- 1 Arrival in Colombo
Day- 2 Walking tour of Colombo and visit to Anuradhaoura Dambulla temple Day-3 Visit Sigiriya Rock and Village
Day- 4: Visit the spice garden, see the temple housing tooth treasures, and immerse yourself in Kandyan traditional performances.
Day- 5: Tour of Royal Botanic Garden and Kandy City
Day 6: The tea estates of Nuwara Eliya
Day-7: Horton Plains National Park
Day-8 Yala National Park Jeep Safari
Day-9: Mirissa Beach on Da

Day-10: visit to Galle Fort and whale watching
Day 11, 12, and 13: Enjoy three days of relaxation at the Beach Resort Bentota
Day 14: Departure

When would you recommend the 14-day Sri Lankan vacation package I mentioned earlier?

The tour includes the southern coast and a sizable portion of western Sri Lanka. Several sites in the cultural triangle and central mountain range are included in this tour package at the same time. The best time to visit Sri Lanka, therefore, is between the months of November and April, when the weather is moderate and sunny across the board.

Request for a Sri Lankan tourist visa for a 14-day trip

Tourists from outside countries are required by Sri Lanka to obtain a visa before entering the nation. The great majority of countries require visas, however, a small number of countries do not. These include Singapore, the Seychelles, and the Maldives. The quickest and easiest way to get a visa is to apply for one online, taking care of both the payment and the application form. Within two business days, the applicant will receive their visa in the mail.

To apply for the visa, though, you’ll need certain things, like a return plane ticket and a passport that’s good for at least another 180 days. The Sri Lankan overseas mission is the place where citizens of Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Ghana must appear in order to submit a visa application.

The cost to obtain a visa is $20 for citizens of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries and $35 for citizens of all other countries.
Citizens of the following countries are eligible to receive a free visa as part of the European Travel Assistance (ETA) charge waiver program:

Top three: Singapore, Seychelles, and Maldives

How to plan your Sri Lanka 14-day itinerary

If you aren’t prepared, traveling to Sri Lanka can be an intimidating ordeal that could ruin your holiday. Because private vehicles are the most practical form of transportation in Sri Lanka, this two-week plan revolves around them. In order to fully appreciate the breathtaking mountain panorama, taking the train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya or vice versa is highly recommended. For help in booking rail tickets and planning your trip, get in touch with Seerendipity Tours at

Making reservations for accomodation for the fourteen-day trip to Sri Lanka

Our fourteen-day Sri Lanka itinerary is flexible enough to accommodate your vacation budget and tastes by including lodgings of any star level (three, four, or five stars). The hotel should cover the cost of breakfast and dinner every day, but lunch and drinks should be an additional expense.

Every restaurant along this two-week Sri Lankan tour serves food inspired by Europe. You may easily find restaurants that have been approved by the tourist board and serve clean, healthy meals. Furthermore, supermarkets can be found around the entire island, making it easy to buy fruits, snacks, cookies, and drinks.

A style manual for a Sri Lankan vacation of fourteen days
With an average annual temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, Sri Lanka’s tropical climate is perfect for this airy cotton dress. Also quite high is the mean relative humidity, which is around 90% across the country. In the fourteen days that you have, you can visit a plethora of Sri Lankan religious places. There is a dress code and some requirements that visitors visiting Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka are expected to adhere to. The Sri Lankan Buddhist temple clothing code provides further details.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sri Dalada Maligawa, Galle Fort, and the Golden Temple of Dambulla are the six UNESCO World Heritage sites that will be featured on this ten-day private tour. Also included are national parks, mountain resorts, and coastal and inland resorts in the west and south.

What would the cost be for a 14-day tour of Sri Lanka?

Based on two people sharing a double suite, this two-week Sri Lanka itinerary costs 900 USD per person. It includes a stay at a four-star hotel. The price includes everything: admission fees, ground transportation, lodging (with breakfast and dinner each day), an English-speaking tour guide, and all taxes.

Can I reserve my lodgings independently for my fourteen-day tour?

Your fourteen-day Sri Lankan vacation accommodations can be booked. But a bundle or package vacation is the best way to book everything from lodging to transfers to tour guides to scenic excursions. Travel arrangements can be saved 20-30% by purchasing a package tour. This is because hotel owners often give local tour operators special deals, which those businesses then pass on to their customers.

Here is the schedule for a 14-day visit to Sri Lanka:
Duration: 14 days
Sri Lanka’s five main cities—Colombo, Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Yala, and Bentota
Cost P.P. ($900) (not including airfare)

Method of Transportation: Personal Vehicle

From ancient times until its formal designation as Sri Lanka in 1972, the island was known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean by seamen. Over the course of the past few thousand years, numerous names have been bestowed upon the island. Notwithstanding this, Sri Lanka is still commonly known as Ceylon by many people around the globe. This is so because the island’s official name during the British Empire’s rule from 1792 to 1948 was Ceylon. Since the nation has been officially known as Ceylon for more than a century, most people throughout the world still associate the name with the country.

While most tourists touch down at Katunayake International Airport, about 10% use the coastal gates, most often the Colombo harbour, to enter Sri Lanka.

Day 1:

On the day of your arrival on the island, our 14-day Sri Lanka travel package does not include any activities scheduled. The bulk of arriving passengers have previously experienced hour-long flights and journeys, so it’s no surprise that they relish a little break at the beginning. From our own experiences, we know this to be true. A more accurate picture of the island will emerge the next day.

You will be driven to your conveniently located hotel in the heart of Colombo after meeting with an agent from Seerendipity Excursions. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to do as you like. Visiting the ancient city of Anuradhapura in the afternoon and taking a city tour in the morning make up day two of a fourteen-day vacation in Sri Lanka.

Phase 2: Sri Lanka 14-day Journey

After a leisurely breakfast, you will visit the historic city of Anuradhapura after a sightseeing tour of Colombo.

Sri Lanka 14-day vacation package with sightseeing
One of the most beautiful cities on the island, Colombo is also its main business hub. Amidst the city’s never-ending energy, you’ll find a plethora of fascinating tourist spots. Many important places can be found in addition to beaches and religious landmarks, such as parks, cultural sites, colonial monuments, and monuments. Aside from a handful of nightclubs, casinos, discos, and movie theaters, Colombo’s nightlife isn’t exactly extensive. Everything from restaurants to nightclubs in the city stays open until around midnight.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital and largest city, is known for its scorching summers—average highs of 33 degrees Celsius. But don’t worry, because our air-conditioned vehicle will keep you comfortable and make it easy for you to handle the issue. Several stops require you to get out of the vehicle so you may have a better look; these are Galle Face, Independent Square, Viharamahadevi Park, the Gangarama temple, and Viharamahadevi Park.

Because to the southwest monsoon, visitors to southern and western Sri Lanka, including Colombo, should pay special attention to the daily weather prediction from April through November. Because of the potential for heavy rain, getting about Colombo during the monsoon might be difficult.

Studying Anuradhapura throughout the course of a fourteen-day trip to Sri Lanka
One of Sri Lanka’s most ancient cities, Anuradhapura dates back to the third century BC. Over the course of a thousand years, hundreds of kings and queens of Sri Lanka made their homes in Anuradhapura, making it their capital.

With over 400 historical sites spread out over more than 40 square kilometers, Anuradhapura is officially known as an archeological city. Major architectural feats like Jetwanarama, the third-tallest masonry structure in antiquity after the two pyramids in Giza, are on display for visitors. The Jetawanrama was the world’s greatest Buddhist building. You will see a wide variety of old Buddhist buildings, palaces, gardens, statues of Buddha, and more on your hop-on, hop-off city tour.

a fourteen-day trip to Sri Lanka that includes a stop at the temple at Dambulla Cave

After your two-week Sri Lanka itinerary begins with a city tour of Colombo, the next stop is the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple, which you will reach by automobile. Upon entering the dry zone, the local flora and climate change, and this is especially true at Dambulla in Sri Lanka’s arid central region. You may expect to stop multiple times to soak in the beautiful scenery on the four-hour trip from Colombo to Dambulla.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s oldest Buddhist sanctuaries, the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple is the afternoon’s hiking destination. Its commencement occurred in the first century BC. Go about 10 kilometers to the hotel after you visit the temple.

Local tourists make up a small fraction of the crowd at the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple, which draws a large number of foreign visitors.

This is due to the fact that the Dambulla Golden Temple is seen by most people as a site for tourism rather than religion. There are a lot of stairs that pilgrims must climb on their journey to the hidden shrine, which is set in five natural caves. Because it sits on a hill, getting to the temple involves climbing hundreds of steep, uneven stairs, sometimes without a railing. There are some who might find the climb challenging.

The climb to the temple is challenging, but well worth it. The temple has a collection of hundreds of ancient sculptures, paintings, and frescoes. Various stories from Buddha’s life are shown in the visually appealing wall artworks.

Polonnaruwa, the golden temple of Dambulla, Kandy, and Sigiriya Rock are all part of this three-day Sri Lankan journey that covers important cultural and historical sites. Along with visiting the Peradeniya botanical park, a spice and herbal garden, and wildlife expeditions, the schedule covers a plethora of additional destinations.

Sigiriya Rock walk in the morning and a cooking class in the afternoon make up Day 3 of a Sri Lankan 14-day travel package that includes Sigiriya.
Set off for the Sigiriya rock fortification first thing in the morning. After spending the day exploring Sigiriya village, head on to the Pidurangala temple and the ancient burial site at Ibbankatuwa.

Traveling to Sigiriya, a rock fortification

Tourists from all over the world go to see the Sigiriya rock stronghold, which has been there since the fifth century. The ancient engineers who built the structures that make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site were highly skilled engineers who had a firm grasp of hydraulic principles and who introduced several architectural innovations. Dated to the fifth century, the original hues of the Sigiriya frescoes still glow.

For this hour-long, 2,000-step trek, it’s best to wear light cotton clothing and sturdy shoes. Located in a dry part of Sri Lanka, the ancient landmark of Sigiriya is surrounded by lush flora. Most tourists who come to the island for two weeks make sure to visit the summit of the 500-meter monolithic rock to take in the breathtaking view. The climb to Sigiriya is far more challenging than the one to Dambulla Cave Temple; in light of the hot and humid weather, it is wise to drink enough of water.

Exploring the Village of Sigiriya

After lunch, it’s time to find out more about rural life in Sri Lanka. Visiting the village of Sigiriya is on the second of two Sri Lankan itineraries. Although it is called the Sigiriya village tour, the excursion takes place in the peaceful village of Hiriwadunna, which is one of the most remote and impoverished towns in the dry area.

The village trip offers a perfect chance to immerse yourself in rural life with its bullock cart ride, village lake boating, rice paddy, farm, and rural house visits, as well as a cooking session that finishes with a typical warm Sri Lankan supper.

The village tour takes place in an enchanting setting, where the color green is predominant and birdsong can be heard from far away because of the quiet and peace of the area. We invite you to join our chef in creating a mouthwatering Sri Lankan feast, and then to enjoy it yourself. Anyone who loves eating, the outdoors, or watching birds will have a once in a lifetime experience after the village tour. Their transportation to the hotel will be expedited.

The burial ground at Ibbankatuwa

Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle also includes the Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs, another important historical site. The Ibbankatuwa burial ground has been declared an archaeologically protected monument in Sri Lanka due to its cultural and historical importance. Situated just a short distance from the golden temple of Dambulla, the Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs are an easy addition to a fourteen-day Sri Lankan itinerary. According to archaeological findings, the burial site in Sri Lanka is from the protohistoric and megalithic eras.

The majority of tourists skip this historical landmark, even though it is quite important. This historical monument features one of the most unusual burial cemeteries in Sri Lanka, which reveals the lifestyle of its occupants thousands of years ago. Those who have the time should definitely visit. There are some very ancient graves on the island, such as the Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs.

The ancient temple of Pidurangala

Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle also includes the ancient temple of Pidirangala. Countless Buddha statues and paintings have graced the old temple for generations.

Though it has been a part of the Sigiriya historic site for decades, many tourists skip this temple on their way through Sri Lanka, mostly because they don’t have enough time. If you’re only in Sri Lanka for a day, two days, or even seven, you might not have time to visit Pidurangla.

However, you can see the Pidurangala cave temple on a fourteen-day excursion.
Pidurangala is more than just another ancient Buddhist temple. The lush foliage that surrounds the temple is home to a wide range of bird species. The bulk of visitors to Pidurangla go to the majestic monolithic rock in the hours leading up to dawn so they can witness the sunrise from atop it. At an elevation of about 300 meters, Pidurangla provides breathtaking panoramas of rural communities, lakes, rivers, the Sigiriya sanctuary, and rice farms.

Four days in Sri Lanka during a fourteen-day vacation
Sri Lanka: a spice garden visit first thing in the morning, then the Tooth Relic Temple and a Kandyan cultural performance in the afternoon.
An hour-long hike to Matale’s spice garden is part of the three-hour trek from the Sigiriya guesthouse to Kandy.

Deciding to explore the spice garden

Matale is a municipality whose economy is mainly based on agriculture; it is about midway between Sigiriya and Kandy. A trip to a spice garden is a great way to learn about the Ayurvedic plants, spices, condiments, and medical systems of the nation.
The journey to Kandy, which takes almost an hour by car, begins after the spice garden. The best approach to cover all the ground in two weeks while visiting Sri Lanka is to hire a private vehicle.

this is mostly because it cuts down on travel time SO much. Most visitors to Sri Lanka who go on road trips opt for private vehicles rather than via the public transit system. Buses and trains between cities are often very crowded and take a long time to travel, but they’re far cheaper than private transportation.

Touring around Kandy

In the afternoon, you can see a cultural performance in Kandy that showcases traditional dance and music from Sri Lanka. Visit the island’s holiest Buddhist temple, the Tooth Relic Temple, later in the day. It is one of the most popular UNESCO world heritage sites. There will be a huge crowd, but you should still make it to the evening ritual at the temple that houses the tooth relics. Delegates from throughout the world tend to prefer the nighttime ceremony.

On the fifth day of your Sri Lankan adventure, you’ll experience the sites of Kandy before heading out to the Royal Botanical Garden for an afternoon trip.
In line with the two-week Sri Lanka plan, head to downtown Kandy after breakfast at the hotel.

Touring around Kandy

Ascending the mountain to the west of the city takes you to the upper lake, where you can take in a breathtaking view of the cityscape. One of the best places to get a bird’s-eye view of the city is from Upper Lake.

Showing out in the Kandy Bazaar
After that, head to downtown Kandy to see the lively Kandy Market, where you can buy fresh produce, fish, meat, and more from shops lining the streets. Stores and kiosks offering footwear, handicrafts, gems, jewelry, and a myriad of other things line the streets surrounding the market

A visit to the gardens of the Royal Botanical Garden,

one of Kandy’s most famous landmarks, is just a short ride away in a luxury vehicle from the city center. Take your time wandering the garden and taking in the many different types of trees and flora before you settle down for the night.
Tea plantations and breathtaking mountain landscapes make up Day 6 of a fourteen-day Sri Lanka itinerary.
Make your way to the tea growing region after a leisurely breakfast.

On the way to lush peaks and cascading waterfalls, stop at a tea plantation.
As you head south from Kandy, the capital of Sri Lanka’s hill country, you’ll soon see that the terrain is changing into foothills, leading you along narrow, steep, winding roads that pass by verdant mountains. Nuwara Eliya is situated amidst verdant forests and tea plantations.

The climb to Gampola, a former royal city, is an impending obstacle that will put a load on your engine. Adjacent to Gampola lies the equally magnificent hilly region of Ramboda. Ramboda is primarily known for its dramatic waterfalls. In its ascent to 1800 meters above sea level, the majestic serpentine finally meets Nuwara Eliya.

On the way to Nuwara Eliya, one can see a dramatic change in the landscape: now barren high-altitude mountain peaks, a golf course, Gregory Lake full of trout, colonial mansions reminiscent of Theodor III, beautiful gardens, tea plantations, Nuwara Eliya itself, a beautiful city, and isolated villages where, in humble homes, live the plantation workers.

Nuwara Eliya is the heartland of tea cultivation in Sri Lanka and the most popular health resort on the island due to its pleasant and temperate environment. To escape the sweltering heat of the low country and marvel at the breathtaking mountain and valley landscapes, many domestic tourists drive to Nuwara Eliya. Massive tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, lush mountains, rivers, and wooded regions all add to the scenic beauty of this region.

As you ascend into the mountains of Sri Lanka on this 14-day tour, you may feel the first chill of a really tropical climate. After sundown, temperatures can dip to a few degrees below zero. The journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya takes around two hours, with stops at the Tea Factory and the Ramboda waterfall along the way. Expect a wide range of temperatures as well as stunning mountain vistas during the trip, which begins 500 meters above mean sea level and ends 1800 meters above sea level.

Exploring Nuwara Eliya at Night

Afternoons are perfect for a visit to the charming mountain-surrounded city of Nuwara Eliya. Make a beeline for the produce market and the business district on your citywide promenade. On a subsequent guided sightseeing tour, you will get the opportunity to visit the colonial bungalows—built by British colonists in the 18th century—as well as the racecourse, golf course, and Gregory Lake.

Come on a tour of southern Sri Lanka and see all the cool stuff along the coast, such wildlife reserves, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and the town.

On the seventh day of your Sri Lankan vacation, you will visit Horton Plains National Park.

The seventh day of your two-week Sri Lanka itinerary starts with a visit to Horton Plains National Park first thing in the morning. To get to a point 2300 meters above sea level, you’ll need to hire a four-wheel-drive car and drive on a crumbling road today. With one of the few remaining highland forests, Horton Plains National Park provides a haven for a wide variety of plant and animal life. The endemic plant life of Horton Plains National Park sets it apart from other parts of the island.

The excursion starts in the city and gradually climbs to the mountain top, increasing the distance from the crowded metropolis. After that, it goes through suburban and rural areas. The last leg of the journey goes through the woods. It takes around two hours to reach the park’s entrance, but once there, tourists may go on a hike through the Horton Plains and see lots of different kinds of plants and animals.

In order to make it around the entire circle in the jungle, which takes around two hours, you need wear shoes that are comfortable for walking in and clothes that are suitable for a cooler climate. As one walks along, they will see many different kinds of birds, butterflies, amphibians, and mammals.

On the eighth day of your Sri Lanka vacation package, you will go on a Jeep safari in Yala National Park.
Drive south of Sri Lanka to Yala the next morning. Setting out on a two-week wildlife tour of Sri Lanka today, you will get up close and personal with the local flora and fauna. Along the roughly four-hour drive from Nuwara Eliya to Yala, you’ll have to pull over multiple times to see the Ravana waterfall, Ella Gap, and Sita Temple, among many other attractions.

From Nuwara Eliya, adventurers can choose between two paths: one that heads 200 kilometers west to the beautiful beaches of the west coast, or another that descends the hills via Ella Gap. Both roads dip sharply and snake their way across mountainous terrain.

A trip to Yala National Park is planned as part of the fourteen-day adventure. Travel south via the Nuwara Eliya-Wellawaya route, which passes through scenic rural areas and is adorned with Sri Lankan landmarks such as botanical gardens, temples, and waterfalls, to arrive at your destination. Along its length, this route casts a shadow that stretches from Sri Lanka’s hill area in the south to the windswept plains of the southern desert zone.

Afternoon jeep safari at Yala National Park, the island’s most popular wildlife sanctuary, in search of leopards and elephants. Yala National Park is the island’s most popular wildlife sanctuary, and for good reason: it’s home to a wide variety of animals, including elephants, leopards, monkeys, bears, crocodiles, wild buffalo, and countless more kinds of insects, amphibians, and birds.

Safari in a natural park

While on safari at Yala, one of Sri Lanka’s most popular national parks, one could see a large number of safari jeeps. Compared to the rest of the year, the busiest tourist season (November–April) would have more tourists. At its busiest during the winter holidays,

Many safari jeeps would be present in the park. On the other hand, wildlife drives in national parks like Udawalawe are more likely to encounter elephants and buffalo than in Yala and Wilpattu.

Instead of being overwhelmed by safari jeeps, visitors may have a more intimate and tailored wildlife experience. Hundreds of lights were produced by cameras around the animals at Yala National Park, as any visitor to the park would have noticed.

The beach at Mirissa is on the itinerary for Day 9 of a 14-day Sri Lanka tour package.
Sri Lanka’s coasts will be your first stop on this two-week journey. The cultural triangle, the upcountry region, and the wildlife of Sri Lanka have all been covered thus far. The unspoilt shorelines of Sri Lanka are now at your side. Assuming you make it to the hotel by midday, you’ll have the rest of the day to discover Sri Lanka’s many beautiful beaches.

After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, set sail for Mirissa, a two-hour journey south of Galle along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. When compared to other beaches, such as Bentota and Hikkaduwa, Mirissa Beach sees a significantly less number of tourists. However, all the ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime beach holiday are there on the peaceful, wide, snow-white beaches. You can’t go wrong with a swim in the saltwater at Mirissa’s torque water.

Join an afternoon excursion to Galle Fort and go whale watching on Day 10 of your Sri Lanka 14-day vacation itinerary.
You have the next four days to do as you choose along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. This Sri Lanka tour includes fourteen days of beach time, but if you don’t plan anything exciting to do during the last four days, you’ll be bored to tears. This fourteen-day Sri Lankan adventure so includes a whale-watching tour and a visit to Galle Fort, the two most popular things to do near Mirissa.

Day 10, which starts with the sight of the sun rising, finds you boarding a whale-watching vessel at the adjacent Mirissa harbour with other passengers. During Mirissa’s whale-watching excursion, you can see blue whales, sperm whales, and dolphins. One of the best places to see whales at any time of year is Mirissa.

From four to two hours is the duration of the whale-watching excursion. But in some cases, the whale-watching trip can be suddenly called off because the weather is getting worse. The course guardians have the authority to control the movements of ships in order to avoid disaster.

Check out the Galle Fort
After your whale-watching adventure, head westward along Sri Lanka’s coast via Galle and its fortress. Galle Fort, another popular southern shore attraction, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that receives a large number of tourists every year.

One of the best-preserved colonial buildings in Asia is Galle Fort, which dates back to the 15th century. En route to the coastal resort in Benthota, we have planned to visit the fort, as no visit to southern Sri Lanka is complete without doing so.

Relaxation at the beach resort: days 11, 12, and 13 of the 14-day Sri Lanka package
You are free to rest and enjoy the last three days of your Sri Lanka tour before you leave. We have planned for you to spend three days relaxing on the beach because, as you might expect, that is where most island visitors go to unwind.

We are happy to accommodate your request for a customized expedition if you need more time to rest. In the event that you would like to extend your beach vacation by a few more days, we can help you make the appropriate arrangements at the beach hotel.

After your fourteen-day stay in Sri Lanka, your next aircraft will depart from Colombo International Airport.
Our 14-day Sri Lankan vacation comes to a close.

Issues with the 14-day Sri Lanka vacation package
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